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Help me diagnose my pedal problems? (and if they are fix-able, refer me to someone)


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  • Help me diagnose my pedal problems? (and if they are fix-able, refer me to someone)

    I recently bought a Mooer Shimverb off ebay.  I'd owned one before so I was familiar with the sound.  When i got the one from ebay, it was really noisy.  It sounds like the pedal is sucking all the tone out.. almost like a highly compressed digital sound when i play through it.  I opened the pedal up, and everything looks intact.  


    I can post clips later to show you the sound.  This is a great pedal, and I really want to figure out what the problem is.  If there is any info i can give you all to assist me, let me know!

    also, ive got a TC Helicon Digi-delay pedal.  its the "Nova Repeater" -- it worked great for months, and then I think something happened with the surge protector.  Now when i turn the pedal on, these two green lights come on, and the pedal is extremely noisy.  doesnt work.. it seems like something "shocked" it and now its messed up -- if i can get these fixed, itd be worth it. but maybe its just fried....


    so... any advice?


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    see if mooer will replace it? fat chance, but worth a shot if your mandarin isn't too rusty. or send it back to the ebayer and say its broken. probably your best bet is just get a refund and buy a different one.


    or might as well just buy a new one for $40 or so. thanks ren!

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      Strip the setup down to the bare essentials. Just the amp, two cables, the pedal, and the guitar... and a power supply too, of course. If you still have the issue, try a different pedal. If the issue goes away, it's most likely the pedal that has issues. Get it returned ASAP and replace it.



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    I would contact digitech rep about the one. He's super cool