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The first amp designed specifically for pedals?

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  • The first amp designed specifically for pedals?

    Carl Martin Customshop 50




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  • #2

    i do think it sounds good, and i'm sure since it's carl martin it's built well.  just not sure what sets it apart from other amps.


  • #3
    does it have the necessary headroom?


    • lefort_1
      lefort_1 commented
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      PKTrono wrote:
      does it have the necessary headroom?

      ...and a 14 position input impedence selector?

      ...and series/parallel effects loop? ...at each gain stage?


      ..builtin 8 channel looper?


      8-12 floating output Vdc lines for pedals?


      effects board that shell-clamps to the back of the cab for transport?


      cable-sensor to alert you if you've plugged in your directional, shielded cable backwards?


      4Glte autodialup to Pete Cornish's celly for mid-set emergency housecalls?

  • #4
    sorry honk (as though you made it). cool idea but terrible price. if you could afford a $3600 amp, couldn't you just buy an amp with great cleans AND dirt? as if they were mutually exclusive


    • #5
      i've only seen three minutes of the video though, so maybe there's more to it. lefort mentioned some stuff that would actually be pretty cool for a "for pedals" amp, all things aside


      • V
        V commented
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        Doesn't really blow me away. My bassman does quite well with pedals anyway.

    • #6
      Sounds nice enough in that demo but V30s? Really? That's a very niche tonality and response.
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      • TomVanDeven
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      • V
        V commented
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        Ancient Mariner wrote:
        Sounds nice enough in that demo but V30s? Really? That's a very crap tonality and response.


    • #7

      Big Ole Want.  Couple bucks short. 


      • cryptosonic
        cryptosonic commented
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        Good lord, I could buy every amp I lust for with 3600 bucks.