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I need a good rack delay

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  • I need a good rack delay

    Anyone have experience with a good rack delay unit?  After some discussion on here a while back, I want to change out my Alessis NanoVerb for something else. 

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    TC Electronic D-Two. Will do anything and everything delay.


    • Texas Noise Factory
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      The TC D-Twos are sick.

      I'd take one.

      Old digital delays (ibanez, Deltalab, Yamaha, etc) are very nice too.

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    I had a Roland SDE-330. Tons of different delays. I had to sell it to start a pedal board, but at times I wish I had kept it. Not very knobby, but still pretty easy to get around on and you can save lots of your own settings. 



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      I have chandler digital echo, can do TZF that can scate u to death, best tzf flange ive heard! Capt beaver has his modded one for sale 4 $ 400.

      Funny though im in the market for an nano verb how much the go for??


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        I'd like to keep it down to one rack space.   Thanks for the suggestions and videos! 


        • Chugs
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          This thread is making me want to play my AD-202 so bad. I lent my 202 to a friend so I can't play it right now. I feel like a crack addict needing to score... (Searches in closet for AD-190...)

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        Tim, what kind of budget are you working with here?

        There are lots of rackmount multieffects that work fine as delay units. Does it have to be strictly a "delay", or can it do other things too? For example, I use a SPX900 primarily for early reflections, delays, and dual pitch shifting stuff, and hardly ever use the reverbs, compression, or the modulation effects on it. If all you wanted it for was the delays, it would work fine for that.


        What features and capabilities are important to you in a rack delay?



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        • chrisjnyc
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          The best of the best is the Korg SDD-3000

          If you need a lot of options, the TC 2290 is also a nice rack delay.


          Roland has a few good ones too

        • timrocker
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          Thanks Phil, I was hoping to keep it down to around 2-300 used.  What I really need it to do is mimic tape delay.  I'm a little averse to having a unit that has an LED readout or a scrolling menu.  I just like knobs and switches.  I know, it's weird. 

        • BG76
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          I think I'm probably alone on this but my favorite all time delay is the Chandler rack mount digital delay. You can get them pretty cheap and they sound awesome. Sounds as good as my TTE to be honest if you want a tape sound.


          I have a few of them because they can be found so cheap. The black or white sound great. I don't think I have paid over $200 for any of them.


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        The budget is more of a guideline-I could see going over if it's for an item that's really stellar.