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I want to Boost something,, Rat


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  • I want to Boost something,, Rat

    Ok hear is my rig that I am very happy with, DGW IH, Fender HRDX3 and a Boss SD-1 that I love, but I need a fat distortion sound and I was thinking of getting a Rat and boosting it with my SD-1. I have heard that this is a great combination into a Hot Rod but I have no idea what it sounds like,, anyone care to chime in. I looked all over YT and nothing,,,but please don't mention other pedals,, cause I have tride them and have been less than impressed.

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    Have you tryed the power stack by boss?

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    so if you dont want to try anything else why would you not just get the two pedals you're talking about?

    Both can easily be found in guitar shops. Go try it.



    • dgo ratt
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      the closest shop is a hour away..



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    just wondering

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      Hitting the Rat with something is fun. I've boosted them with Klons, pedals I build, a Dr. Scientist The Cleanness, etc. Rats just seem to play well with others, IMO


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        You can hear an SD-1 boosting a Rat at 2:40 on this video:



        • thom
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          Rats suck or rock, depending on your amp and other gear. They're cheap enough to just buy online and try out and flip if you decide it's not the right answer. Get a cheap used one, put a Ruetz switch in it, and prepare to be blown away. A stock rat can spare a little gain if you plan to stack it with another dirt pedal, so if you want to fatten up your tone, it makes sense to get back some of that low end using the Ruets mod. 

          You could probably do the same -or better- job with lots of other peds, but if you know how to use a soldering iron, the Ruetz'd Rat option might be your best bang for the buck. 


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        I really like boosting my Mooer Black Secret (which is a cool Rat clone) with the Flex Boost which is an AC Boost clone.  It's a nice pedal for pretty cheap (even though the Marcmart deals have gone) and it doesn't take up much pedalboard space.


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