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  • How many of you STILL have...

    The octophant from the original run?

    That **** has been on my board from day 1!

    So who's a sellout?

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    Sold it within a week
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      I still have mine but I just offered it up to the BOTB drawing.



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        i still got it. rewired it so the second footswitch controls the boost, makes way more sense to me like that.  i digs it

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          I still have mine and use it often.

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        I still have mine.



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        - George Carlin

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          I've got mine. Don't really use it, but never had any desire to sell it.

          This MH -2 does not face the person in search of a beautiful thing such as the new article.
          A lamp goes on and off at the time of on and off.
          It works perfectly as much as it is surprised to be an old model.
          As for the thing 30 years ago, it can't think of it.
          -stagecostumejpsantabo, ebay scribe

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            Still have mine, though it's been modded a bit and is currently in pieces waiting to be modded a bit more. Dropping in a new board with a slightly different circuit.

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          'Still have mine.
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