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  1. i like early santana. recent stuff is a bit questionable...but i do like some of the tracks... random stumbling across this thread as i literally threw down this down, as part of a test for some new recording gear/pedals... https://soundcloud.com/anarchy-audio-australia/prototype-pedal-lame-of-love
  2. Thanks for the headsup. Gonna grab some more ezx's
  3. I like amps with baxandall tone stacks. Thinking of picking up the gvt5h as I have a spare cabb not getting any use
  4. sorry bro... all my guitars actually need a setup atm...its just hitting hotter weather here down under...
  5. Does this mean the big box current nyc bm's will be worth more when im a grampa? I might buy some and stash them just in case.
  6. im testing out the wall of sound III plug in (free trial for 30 days) limited to 2 cabs, but you can test the extra cabs and then buy more on the store. this thing is insanely cool!
  7. yup cost is an issue. im in australia so your prices + a few more $$$ atm locally i can grab a sennheiser e609 for $115 AUD (usually $150AUD) and audix i5s are $120AUD posted on ebay aus. ill most likely grab one of those first and decide on a "better" ribbon/condensor later on.
  8. Cheers all, ill look into the ribbons Recordings are mainly for gear/youtube demos and amateur sonng productions. Just a bit bored of the single sm57 The other option was to go the two notes route...but id prefer to get more mics.
  9. im gonna try not to open a blackhole in the wallet, but i want to pick up some mics. i currently have a single sm57 and a Redbox DI which i use. i have a 2x12 cab thats loaded with one vintage 30 and one greenback im thinking of using the sm57 on one...and/or a second mic to blend...either with teh v30 or on the greenback. ive narrowed it down to -Audix i5 -Sennheiser E609 silver. both pretty much the same price. i also want to pick up a budget condensor mic, for room micing or cab micing, maybe vocals. looking at the -Audio Technica AT2020 -MXL V67G again similiar priced im on a budget phil looking in your direction? any other suggestions/recommendations?
  10. Great review Phil. My friend has the rack (torpedo?... The one that is also a load box) and its great! Im Considering picking up the CAB as I already have a loadbox.
  11. i think its time i upgrade from my old yamaha hifi amp+Wharfdale diamond 8 (hifi version) to a pair of dedicated monitors for mixing. im currently using a pair of KRK KNS headphones for this job and doing a better job with cans than speakers!!! suggestions? not needing pro level, just hobby/amatuer recordings/demos...
  12. loves a fiddyonefiddy. great bang for buck/reilable/solid amp that crunches to chugs. what speakers/cabs are you pairing it with?
  13. i would walk in to a shop and try every strat available in that price range that is closest to the spec that i want/think i want. would never buy one without trying first... when you say strat...you mean S/S/S yeah? pickups are easy to change and the choices are just limitless...so id be more about finding a neck and body that feels right. looked at anything other than fender? G&L etc? also just curious phil... who are your favourite strat players/ or strat songs/tones/playing styles etc?
  14. no gutshots = im gonna assume all vero layouts from ivark/sabro/diystompbox/fsb
  15. defnitely recommend using with a aux 3 button controller. stupid simple to wire up and if you can solder...and if need a diagram/someone to walk you through etc give us a yell.
  16. impressive? debatable. at the risk of sounding like a bitter old man... overpriviledged kids seem to have it easy these days dont they props to the teacher (Phil...is this any relation to you?) for introducing these kids to good music and kudos to the kids for having the ability,time/motivation to pull this off...but id be more impressed if they could write/compose something equally as awesome...only time will tell if they stick with it.
  17. i have heaps of clips in my sigs...but no ones gonna bother checking... theres a few others on the net...but heres my contribution to what i call "dance-shuggah" id like to see this become the next harlem shake internet phenomenon...
  18. Depends on your defn of jeavy... But for me... Hm2 into a semi crunch channel. Eq in fx loop. TS up front if want it tighter OR hm2 INTO FX return. Ive owned plenty of $$$$ high gain amps and they all sound IMO too polite afte using a hm2
  19. nope. even with those youtube vids of kids playing "xxxx" song note for note...i realise that it takes time,skill and effort to really copy and learn the nuances...but they prob still aint got the skills to write/compose something like that... i guess the same thing could apply to pedal "kloners"
  20. i still see some familiar old threads. was hoping to see more photoshop thread content... will hang round for a bit...
  21. I have both. One for quick on the fly loops(ditto)... And one for storing backing tracks or using an external stomp to change bank up/down for song progressions.(jamman solo) if had to pick one of the 2 in the OP... i d suggest jamman solo.unless u are picky about having everything true bypass. im keen to try out the new jamman thou
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