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  1. havent used the HT1, but i have owned/had the HT-4. HT-20, HT-60 and HI-DistX the emulated out on all of them have been beyond usable for DI recording. got a few clips and comparisons of the Emulated vs Mic in my sig.
  2. a few of my old builds First kit build BYOC 250+ Digital Delay (faarked this one up royaly but managed to salvage it, a result of deciding to attempt soldering jetlagged) Screamer First Vero Build Fuzz Face What im working on now (trying out diffrent ways to mount/secure boards) Modified Muff + boost with fx order switcher (will tidy up wiring as this was just for testing) Woolly Mammoth + Fuzz Factory with fx order toggle (board mounted directly to pots) theres 2 white whites not connected yet to a toggle for more/less bass OCD + FKR with fx order toggle (Board held in place by stomp/jacks/toggle currently still wiring up
  3. Jim Dunlop Jerry Cantrell + Dime Crybaby from Hell EHX Freeze EHX Nano Stone JHF-1 Fuzz Face Washburn Lyon/Artec Vintage Power Wah
  4. dont rule out squire completely. one of my favourite high gain tones ive gotten was with a stock squire vintage modified. and this was with the stock stacked duncan designed pickup(bridge) through a DIY fuzz pedal of mine. [video=youtube;jqHHHvIMSvY] since then ive had an itch for teles with a nice dollop of gain. but when i foolishly sold the squire, i had a hard time finding a suitable "fender" replacement. the neck and quality of the VM was just great. in the endeded up putting a frankenstein tele together (HWY1+MIM) [video=youtube;nrI6Hb7yIwk]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nrI6Hb7yIwk telecasters...not just for country bumpking/twangbangers anymore...
  5. i i havent played the bigger one, but really liked the supersonic 22.
  6. i had one a year or so ago. i thought it was great for the price. analogish for a digital delay. sold it because of the size of hte enclosure.
  7. i saw my friend (who was in a guitar swinging/flipping metalcore band) place a full pint of beer on top of his mesa boodie dual rectified. he had one sip of it...and 30seconds into the first song...managed to whack it with his headstock... entire contents spilt onto and into the top grill off said amp lets just say he was in for a very expensive repair/retube.
  8. Before you do all that you should consider cream pickup rings and amber knobs. Those black rings are killing it. originally came with creme pup rings, but they didnt match the zebra coils. i have them around thou. amber knobs thou...hmmm great suggestion
  9. cheers guys. RE the maple top? id assume it was because of the binding (arent PRS known for its faux maple top bindings) anways...im undecided on what to do at this stage .some good advice on here. id like to just sand the top and let the wood breathe, not fussed if its fancy flames or quilt as i like the look of alder grain too. it is a gamble isnt it. i may take it to my luthier next time it needs a service and ask what he thinks can/cant/should be done and more importantly $$$
  10. ask yourself. Do you LOVE the way it plays/sounds? Or, are you just bored with it, and feel like painting/altering it? would you miss it if you sold it? would you ever want to sell it? If you don't completely love the way it sounds/plays, sell it exactly the way it is. i love how it plays and sounds, i love the neck as its nice and worn in. this guitar has cursed me from buying a $$$$ CU24 as im so used to it. its made me realised i dont like finished(overly glossy) set necks would i miss it if i sold it...yeah...at first, but i dont get that sentimentally attached to gear. would i ever want to sell it? only to replace it with another prs (like the johnny hiland or a DGT) i guess it comes down to boredom/itchy hands syndrome. im not a tard and pretty handy (woodwork.electronics) but of course... id prefer NOT to ruin it,
  11. also its hard to see/photograph the flaws in the finished, theres a few scratches (nothing major) a few chips and a few dings and some of hte edges have this peeling/finish lifting affect. (on the top) the back is just as bad, but everyone focuses on the huge buckle rash (the only thing i didnt do to hte guitar...previous owner)
  12. man, just leave it alone. cleaning it might help... but unless you want to piss away it's entire value, i'd probably leave it alone. see i dont think its worth much to sell in its current state(i have contemplated this as i wouldnt mind a fancy pants PRS...something like the johnny hiland as the specs just scream out to me, but part of me doesnt like pretty guitars...they hurt more when they ding)
  13. its a 1990 Plain Jane Black Alder body w./maple top CE24 its been my no.1 player, and its got a lot of battle scars i have the urge to sand back the top...mainly because im curious if theres any figured maple underneath. if yeah, i would like to stain it, or leave it natural. if not, ill get it painted over/or swirl. contemplating sanding the back as well or just leaving it anyone attempted something like this before and achieved good results/not ruined their guitar. what am i up against? any hints/tips? im not opposed to put in the sanding work myself and paying a luthier to stain/paint/finish it. this one is my go-to guitar and one of my favourites...she either deserves to be retired or have a makeover talk me into/out of it...
  14. im after one of these or or pm me
  15. great thread!!! i dont consider myself a builder yet as im still in the learning process, have built a several circuits/clones here and there out of curiosity and wanting to learn. im not one of those "cloners" that make bulk amounts of a known pedal (ie SHO's) for sale/profit, but if i did sell a clone, it would always be on ebay with a 99c starting bid. would be interested to know how builders feel about that whole cloner/diy thing and how its affected them.
  16. thinking on picking this up...anyone got anything good/bad to say about its contents? http://www.halleonard.com/product/viewproduct.do?itemid=697387&lid=17&menuid=444&subsiteid=7&
  17. im just posting now so i can click on my user name to search for threads
  18. this is my recording setup. PC Presonus Firebox (which does double duty as recording and soundcard) ive just sold my behringer Vamp2 (which was plugged into the firebox in) for DI recording, using midi to edit patches via the behringer program i want to buy a zoom G1u...which is a USB Zoom device. i want to plug that into my presonus ins and record the same way as i did with the vamp...however i want to use the zfx tool programs via USB to edit the patches on my comp. just reading hte manual for the zoom, it says that the zoom will act as a audio interface when plugged via usb to my comp... am i going to run into issues having the firebox too? i need hte firebox for its mic ins. the zoom manual for the G1u says to install the ZFX tools and the AUdio Driver...do i just omit installing the Zoom audio Driver? halp?
  19. turns out what i need is the g1u can edit patches via usb and theres RK patches here http://www.zoom.co.jp/english/download/software/zfx_tools.php
  20. with the usb port on the G2.1 U can you use it to edit the patches on the computer (eg via a zoom interface program? i dont need the zoom as an audio interface as i already have a firewire presonus, but i would prefer to edit patches on the computer (which i did via midi on the vamp2)
  21. im gassing bad for one of these... especially after watching the youtube demo from Mr Kotzen... i know a regular G2 would be the same...but what can i say...im a big RK fanboi! anyways thinking about getting this just for playing DI through Cubase and recording for scratch tracks before recording with mics...ive been thinking about replacing my behringer Vamp2 with it... the only thing holding me back from clicking buy it now is the lack of midi in/outs...as i loved being able to hook my vamp2 to the software nad dialing in tones with the mouse on screen instead of holding 2 buttons while doing a handstand. anyone have or used the G2R or the regular G2 and care to comment on its range of tones? or ease of use...especially with regards to recording???
  22. i have the AD15VT. prob gets a couple hours use each week at home and carrying to practice at other peoples house. had it for over 3 years. no issues at all. had the peavey vypyr 15 and that was a whole diffrent story
  23. Hi HungPhat, I've just picked up one of these as well and wondered if you'd done that true bypass mod? If so could you please post up a brief how-to? Cheers! Step one - nothing:wave: its true bypass already. try plugging the cables in without a batter/power supply and also with cables for input/out put switched. it still has a bypass tone there is no way to change the sweep width by modification of PCB parts, as instead of a potentiometer it uses a Magnetic sensing. you can however change sweep speed...which anyone can do and doesnt involve opening up the pedal. Tis bar adjusts the sensor distance. use a screwdriver and push the bar to the end to make the speed faster
  24. anways. i made another clip ...this time i actually its both clean channel and lead channel of my amp miced up (intead of lead being vamp2) with the wah after adjusting the wah speed. http://www.soundclick.com/bands/default.cfm?bandID=780120&content=music was going for something funky but it turned out more bluesy.
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