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Drives for Vox AC15 amps - the good, the bad and the ugly?


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  • Drives for Vox AC15 amps - the good, the bad and the ugly?

    i bought an AC15C1 recently.. sounds lovely, and i quickly ran a few dist pedals through it the other night (i mostly play clean) and felt like i'll need to re-tweak certain pedals to see what works as well as previous combinations have with the Peavey Delta Blues amp.

    i pulled out the Rat clone knowing people have mentioned that before with the Vox amps, but wasn't too impressed..

    Joyo Sweet Baby overdrive sounded decent.. IC Muff kept it's gnarly grunt well enough. and i have a Tubescreamer, Dano Drive (OCD) and some other stuff i'll get around to bring back into play, but i'm interested to know what are considered the favourites?

    .. and any i should avoid?

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    a) What type of sound are you after?

    b) How did you have your Rat set?


    I've been fairly satisifed with my Rat, Huckleberry v2, DLS v1, SFT, and Mad Effects DD30 - but I tend to set them light and use them as ODs then stack for heavier sounds.  I also leverage that variation because some of the guitars I have sound a litte better with some of the drives than the others.


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      sft through a vox? hooooooly hell.

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    The only overdrive I hear regularly associated with a Vox is the Crowther Hotcake. Not sure how well it works with it. Might be worth trying out.


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      Didn't like the Rat? LM308 loaded with a Ruetz mod in place through alnico Blue speaker(s)? That's what I dug with my AC30H2.

      I've also ran a TS-808 RI and a NYC Muff (that a forumite sent me for free!) through the H2, both awesome. The Tubescreamer stacked into the Vox was probably my favourite lead sound I had with my Tele. I found it was a little harder to dial in some fuzzes with it however; I had a Swollen Pickle that took me awhile to sit right with the rest of my dirt, and a Wooly Mammoth that wouldn't do much of anything well with the Vox but ultimately sounded wicked through other stuff.

      They're not particularly picky pedal platforms or anything, great for rocking out with. If anything I'd say to avoid stuff like the Em Drive where you're only given a volume and gain knob. With some pedals they need a tone knob to be tamed a bit and sound best with the circuit.
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        i use an alpha dog (rat) with mine and im happy with that for almost fuzzish kind of stuff. for light gain i just use the amp. i think the master volume is great but YMMV.

        A SD-1 sounds pretty good as well.


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          I use a Hotcake. The Dano Drive pedal you mentioned was pretty good. So is a BD-2.  

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            I sold my AC15c1, but the Walrus Mayflower sounded pretty good with it. No boosted mids, which I liked. The Mad Prof LGW would probably be a good fit now.

            I'm using a Jetter Gold Standard now with my Fender Humboldt, and I would guess it would be a very nice match with the Vox too. Helium side is nice lower gain, the Gold Shift is a great mediumish gain Marshall like tone to it, and the two pedals stack well too.

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          I use a Ge Fuzz Face, Rat 2, and Hot Cake with my AC30.


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            I enjoy the hotcake, danelectro timmy clone, and the fredric effects harmonic perc clone with my vox. The harmonic perc is a thing of absolute beauty through a vox.