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making my return to hcfx... what's up?


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  • making my return to hcfx... what's up?

    used to be a regular 'round these parts in '09 and '10,
    and a few brief returns since then.
    anyone still here from that time?

    i just got a macbook locked down so i want to start demoing from home,
    i'll probably have loads of questions in the future.

    here's what i've been doing lately.
    check it out if you're into thrash, hardcore, d-beat, hm-2 buzz, etc.:

    so what's up?
    what's good around here now adays?

    ernie ball volume pedal jr.
    ibanez de7
    ehx micro q-tron
    boss tr-2 tremolo
    digitech digiverb

    fulltone ocd

    good deals:
    vangkm / myTakamine (x2) / mrlutton / anti-flag193 / hangwire / bvester / kev324 / Primo

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    I just started posting again after I jumped ship during the last exodus.
    It's really slow now.
    good guys: english_bob, SG1, red_riviera, chisa, melx, Tayste_2000, tommyld (fuzzhugger), NetStar, bondini, Taylor704, HeartfeltDawn, garethdavies, Uncle Bastard, woolyh, Snufkino, THAT4301, Chugs, Matt0201, fruvai, Prince Squid, eerock, mr benn.


    • Player99
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      Goodhonk is running the forum now.

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    Not sure why I still check in here...


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      Been here 11 years myself. Finally outlived Robo!


      • HopeStreet
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        robo gone?!?!

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      This place is like a tiny, sparsely populated closet, and someones is farting Taco Bell.... Like a lot.


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        HopeStreet wrote:

        used to be a regular 'round these parts in '09 and '10,
        and a few brief returns since then.

        Lucky you, those threads are still on the front page.

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