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  1. Pennsyltucky Pimp pummeling his proverbial *****.
  2. Well?.....................
  3. No thanks, too many spambots around here ...oh well guess you'll have to believe me it rules.
  4. Lol, Iphone, doesn't seem to work whatever I try...
  5. I just picked up my English Electronics Tonemaster from the luthier, it plays so sweet! Now if I could just figure out how to post pics...
  6. Trying to post a pic of my new '66 National Model 16 amp, ain't working, probably user error
  7. 20Uploads/image_zpsf998aa28.jpg[/img][/url]
  8. For what it is worth I love my Soulfood, it sounds great low to med-high gain, it stacks very well with my Tonebender mk II Fuz as well.
  9. Didn't know that, I dropped it off at the luthier for a setup, will snap some pics when I get it back, there wete oooo's and aaaah's when I dhoeed it to him.
  10. Sell the house, sell the car, sell the children...
  11. I just picked up a 1961 Valco made English Electronics Tonemaster guitar, apparently Valco would contract to Mom and Pop operations, a lapsteel player by the name of Norm English in Lansing Michigan had a line of guitars as well as lapsteels. This guitar has a sort of piezo sorta pickup inside the rosewood bridge and a killer overdized singlecoil that looks like a humbucker, 3 volumes and a 3 way switch , it sounds fantastic! Thd Brazilian rosewood fingerboard is so lovely! HNVGD! I'd post pics but I'm on mobile so .....
  12. .....show me yours, tell the class about them, please?.
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