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  1. japan or taiwan, but let me know which yours is. ship to vancouver. we can discuss a price. i have an ernie ball vp jr. and an ehx micro q-tron i'd be willing to trade as well. thanks!
  2. $80. will trade for/towards: blackout effectors musket fuzz oxfuzz germanium or silicon voodoo lab superfuzz zvex mastotron boss ps-3 digitech whammy electro-harmonix micro pog boss rc-20 or rc-20xl akai headrush e1 or e2 open to all offers. i'm especially looking for fuzz.
  3. i cant see the picture it's from last year. i just resurrected this thread 'cause i didn't wanna make a new one.
  4. Burnt peat moss look. Lookin' good. you're only 18 once.
  5. [insert picture here soon] i would like: a fuzz pedal (i'm no fuzz expert) a pitch shifter (micro pog would be cool but i'll consider whatever you got) tech 21 boost r.v.b. line 6 verbzilla digitech hardwire rv-7 boss rv-3 digital reverb/delay these pedals are on my board still, so i'm kinda looking to replace them with similar ones. i'm also in need of reverb though, so that might work out too. i will also send or receive cash to balance out trades.
  6. whatever you got. pm me. i might just want it.
  7. the line 6 verbzilla is at the top of the list, but i'm open to whatever you've got. other 'verbs i've been considering so far are: tech 21 boost r.v.b. electro-harmonix holy grail nano electro-harmonix holy grail plus malekko spring chicken boss rv-3 digital reverb/delay boss rv-5 digital reverb digitech digiverb pm or post in this thread.
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