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OWL Programmable Effect Pedal

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  • OWL Programmable Effect Pedal

    Just donated to the OWL project on kickstarter. It's an open source pedal platform. I really like the idea behind this, you can basically write your own algorithms for this pedal, share it with others, etc....



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    thats really cool. both the open source bit and giving the little guy a shot at dsp programming. 

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      I bought one too (on the first day already, I was waiting for the Kickstarter since I discovered the site).

      It's nice that it's possible to program in easy languages, that's the reason I never bought the Line 6 Tonecore development kit (some people warned me it was not easy and I probably wouldn't have time to learn it).


      I hope they reach the next "stretch goals" too

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    Four knobs, no visual feedback. I feel like the core idea is great, but the execution, aesthetics, etc. could use improvement.

    I'd love for someone to just design something like Reaktor or the nord modular into a box for guitarists.

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      Whatever happened with this?????


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        Good question. Were the units actually shipped out? How well do they work?

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          Here's my initial review:

          The pedals were shipped out and I still have mine. They work pretty well but the amount of patches and the quality of the patches has been a little underwhelming.

          The OWL Project consists of 3 modules source code wise, all available on GitHub.

          1) OwlSim OWL VST plugin
          Used to develop your patches, load it into a DAW to test.

          2) OwlNest
          Used to control the settings (via USB) on your OWL Pedal. This allows you to select the patch from the list of patches loaded on your OWL as well as load a new version of the FirmWare.

          3) OwlWare and OwlBoot
          This is the firmware (bin file) that is uploaded onto the OWL pedal.

          The pedal itself is stereo and you can run 2 patches on it. You can switch between the two patches by clicking the LED on the pedal. Patches can be run in series, parallel or one at a time. There's also an expression input available.

          I had a little issue uploading it from my windows machine but they posted some driver instructions so I got that to work.

          Some of the patches were too heavy for the CPU resulting in some distorted sounds, the pedal is true bypass but when engaged it's completely digital (no analog dry through path). The power requirements are 500ma which I think it too much for a pedal on a pedal board with a Pedal Power.

          If you want to mess around coding patches and using them in a pedal format this is a great way to start for sure. Downloading the VST allows you to try out what is out there for free if you are ever interested in seeing what current state is of the patches available for the OWL pedal.

          Latest Revision - Rev004
          The last revision is a big improvement, it has 56 patches now and some of the patches come from other open source projects like Faust/Guitarix.

          Rebel Technology (the makers of the OWL Pedal) is releasing a modular version (euro rack) of the OWL as well as integration with Faust and Tannhäuser PureData to allow you to develop patches without writing any code.

          Demo Videos:

          You can pre-order for £249 ($425.45)
          They have a sell/buy section in their forum if you are ever interested in getting one at a lower price.
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            Sounds sucky