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Dark sounding speaker to tame SS amp ice pickiness

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  • Dark sounding speaker to tame SS amp ice pickiness

    Hey everyone,

    I acquired a Fender Deluxe 112 (not the plus version) Solid State amp a while back and I use it mostly as a backup to my vintage sound 35sc amp that I keep in my trunk. I notice it has an ice pick like quality in my highs, and if I turn the treble knob down, it helps but then the sound becomes very muddy. I'm considering the Eminence Cannabis Rex to help smooth out the highs. It seems to be the darkest Eminence speaker out there, but it's a 50 watt speaker and the Fender Deluxe 112 is a 65 watt amp. I have an Eminence Red White and Blues but it didn't sound much different than the stock speaker which is interesting as when I tried the RWB in my vintage sound amp it was a lot darker than the stock WGS G12C/S.

    Are there any circuit board mods that can be done to even out the high end?
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    rather than try to tone down teh amp with a speaker change, maybe you need an EQ pedal.
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      You may want to try something un-Fendery like a Celestion. The speaker is a large part of what gives an amp its characteristic sound and Fenders with Celestions are rare for that reason.
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