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  1. Hi everyone, I'm on the fence on whether I should purchase either the Orange Micro Terror. I'm using a TOOB Metro 6.5GP+ cabinet (a closed back 6.5 inch cabinet with a speaker similar to an Eminence Beta/Alpha) and a Quilter Microblock 45 right now as my main setup. When I crank the micro block 45 all the way up, unsurprisingly, the breakup is very nasty and unpleasant with it being a solid state head. I remember owning a Fender Super Champ XD back in the day and it sounded really good when it was on the verge of breakup and great cranked. The big difference between that and the Micro Ter
  2. how would that sound? i play in a band at my church and right now i plug my amp into the soundboard and im wondering if i could just use an overdrive pedal so i dont have to carry an amp to church every sunday. btw the pedal i have is a Danelectro Fab Overdrive
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