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    Another nice video.

    I like what looks like Carlton cased acoustics in the background. My philosophy is if you have a nice guitar, hardshell case it. If you have an irreplaceable guitar and want to haul it out, Carlton Case it.

    I like AER acoustic amps, but they are almost impossible to find and test demo in my area. Many many years ago I bought a Fishman Loudbox Performer, and have stuck with that acoustic amp, but added there Spectra DI box, for convenience on live sets.

    With the mandolins I have I use the Baggs Venue, and there Radius M pup, which has worked out nicely when I need to plug in. Other than that the mandolins don't have a built in pick up.

    Once again, nice job, on some very nice gear.

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      hello...thank so much for the kind feedback and taking your time to check this out!

      I'm with you on your case thoughts completely. Totally understand the difficulty finding an AER dealer. I think the closest one to me know is Nashville and that's 3 hours away. I was fortunate to find them in Louisville, which is much closer to me, several years ago so i could demo them. My experience has been that they are an amazing piece of gear. Just saw Tommy Emmanuel and he had his on stage with him.

      Great to hear about your signal what you have and i'm sure it sounds fantastic - also nice to know your a mando player!

      thanks again for sharing music, your friend, dale.


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        Very cool video - nicely done!

        Maybe I missed it, but I don't think you mentioned the speaker brand in the '66 Princeton. Do you know what's in there? Is it an old Jensen, an Oxford or... ?

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          hello Phil..sure appreciate you taking time to give this a look - i didn't sorry, Jensen.



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            Hey Dale, nice video. Thanks for showing your amps. One thing I'm curious about is the micing?
            I didn't see any mics. What did you use to record the amps?


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              thanks so much for checking it out...very appreciated! I used an iPhone 7 for both audio and video...thanks again!