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  1. Just picked up this 2019 GT P90's from Gibson Original series...call this a win from Gibson.
  2. A lot of players looking at this new series from Gibson...just received this guitar and wanted to share it hoping other would chime in with pics and comments from other Original Collection guitars!
  3. just info to share...appreciate the comments!
  4. Thanks so much Phil, please know it means a lot from you sir. I also appreciate the request and will start thinking about how best to share it, your friend, dale.
  5. really appreciate this post...thanks & will do.
  6. thanks gentlemen for sharing your time to check out this new model from Collings...sincerely appreciate the posts, dale.
  7. thanks so much gentlemen for the kind posts and sharing some of your time to check out the video....sincerely appreciated!
  8. Rookie - absolutely...thanks for checking this out! Phil...that's very kind i'll be in touch - really appreciate it!
  9. thanks so much for checking this out!
  10. hello Phil...honored you'd check this out sir! The 'stock' neck is sort of a 59LP neckish, maybe PRS McCarty neck - very nice IMO. I'm a smaller guy with shorter fingers so i get their 60's profile neck which is perfect for me, less shoulders and overall profile a bit 'faster'. Thanks again!
  11. thanks gentlemen for sharing your time to check out the thread and post...greatly appreciated! GAS Man - if you add a Collings to your collection i'd love to hear about it!
  12. your are right, a Calton, built in Austin TX these days. Sincere thanks or checking this out.
  13. thanks for checking out the thread..yes Lollar P90s. Here's some additional pics.
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