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Non-boosters: What amps are you using?


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  • Non-boosters: What amps are you using?

    Guys who aren't using boost pedals, what amps are you running and what kind of tones do you go for?
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    See sig. Mostly metal: Metallica, Maiden, Amon Amarth, CoB, In Flames, Arch Enemy, Whitesnake.
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      I'm using the JCA100H - I go for heavy rock tones, not quite metal but still heavy.


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        Sounds like
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          JVM, JMP-1. Neither need a boost. I most like a smooth, rippling distortion, and for that, the JMP-1 pulls it better than the JVM, which is a more rugged, dirtier distortion. Both are fun for different times and uses.
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            I'm using the JCA100H - I go for heavy rock tones, not quite metal but still heavy.

            Mine would be the same.

            Laney VH100R and Mesa Boogie Triple Rectifier
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              Mesa Boogie Mark V

              I cross the gamut of tones, sparkly cleans, light breakup, oldschool high gain, and metal stuff.

              Although I will admit to occasionally using a BB preamp mb on channel 2
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                My savage that's going away, awesome high gain with no boost needed.
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                  Yamaha T100C. Already sounds like a boosted hot-rodded Marshall.
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                    Rivera K-tre - I use the built in gain boost. Not really a (clean) boost in the conventional sense but it serves some of the same function.
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                      Engl Savage 120. Channel 4 sounds/feels like a boosted amp already. I play metal, and I boost my VHT Deliverance 60, but no boost needed for the Engl.
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                        Ampeg SS150. The Faceless, Necrophagist, Obscura, Dying Fetus, Arsis, Meshuggah, Fleshgod Apocalypse, Behemoth. Most of my other amps are boosted. I use 0 pedals with the Ampeg. I have a LOT of pedals.


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                          God damn I need an ampeg ss/vh
                          Mark iii, unboosted (usually)
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                            I have a boost but it's off unless I am doing a solo. Plan to mod the SD-1 when I get the pickups taken care of. Amp is in my sig.


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                              mark III and i go for not so compressy heavy rock with the midage.
                              boost the flip out of my redbear kerry king style.
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