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  1. I need 4 of them, but I'm willing to buy them in singles. Preferably in Canada, but I'll consider having them shipped from the states if the price is right.
  2. F*cking sexy! Thanks man! I built the headshell myself.
  3. what about just having it buffed? This. Don't refinish it.
  4. I use Fret Doctor bore oil on my fretboards. It's expensive, but so is my guitar, so it's worth it. This stuff works so well, and is supposed to be really good for the wood because it's just oil and doesn't have any solvents in it and doesn't gunk up or feel gross. It's especially made for ebony, but it works really well for rosewood, and slightly darkens the wood, nicely. If you love your guitar, you won't mind spending the money for the good stuff. I use lemon oil for my cheaper guitars.
  5. Look up Torticollis if you want. Not sure if that's what I had though. . I probably just slept with my neck in a weird position. oh and tl;rl (read later)
  6. I had that when I woke up one morning. Hurts like hell. I just took a pain pill and it slowly went away on its own within, like a day or two. I took some pain killers, too; didn't do {censored} and I never take these for anything. Mine lasted for about a week. I can still feel it a bit, but it's not too bad. Doesn't really affect things I do.
  7. I couple of weeks ago, I felt the worst pain I've ever had in my life somewhere in my neck and shoulder region. I don't know what the {censored} it was, but I couldn't turn my head, I couldn't bend down, it hurt to get up while I was lying down, hell I couldn't even move without feeling it. I don't know what the {censored} it was, but it was the most painful thing ever, and I can take quite a bit of pain. I think someone said it might have been a pinched nerve or something, I don't even know what that is.
  8. Is the Khaler 2320 tremolo system compatible with a EVH D-tuna? wow... 4 year old thread... really?! edit: no, the d-tuna won't work with the kahler.
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