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    Anyone seen the first couple shows? I think it's pretty good.

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    Why does this keep happening?


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      Great ****************ing show!!!


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        Why does this keep happening?

        just post the letters after the "watch?v=" part and before the "&" between the youtube tags.


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          GREAT ****************ing show so far!

          HBO is completely ****************ting all over everyone else in the quality programming department.
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          Originally Posted by Ron Burgandy

          So in conclusion, if you like pussy then you like Strats. If you don't like Strats, it's because you secretly don't like pussy.

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          Originally Posted by Murdoch

          We like to think of it as you leaving a foot-wide trail of fishy-smelling sand wherever you go.


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            I heard all of these media people busting on it after the first show. **************** them- I like it.


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              I like it. But I'm always in on gangster shows ... fascinates me.
              Originally Posted by Aibric

              I've seen goatse so many times that it long ago lost its shock value. Now its kind of nostalgic. I see it and think of those bygone days when seeing a man spread his own anus impossibly wide disturbed me to the core.

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                Pretty awesome so far.

                Originally Posted by thegumbootman

                I managed to not say the word "****************" until I was 18

                In primary school when my friends discovered swearing, I thought "I've never said the f-word before. I'm never going to say it". I wanted to say it when I got older (mostly because my friends would nag me about saying it), but I just didn't want to end the streak of not-saying it

                I ended up accidentally saying it to my girlfriend at the time. I said "Someone told me that Ben got with a really fat girl and he titty-****************ed her"


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                  Agree with everyone. Been very good so far.
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                    Saw the premier and was hooked. Haven't seen the second episode yet. Now I know what I'm doing tonight. Thank u on demand.
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                    Originally Posted by cobrahead1030

                    Gibsons are like that crazy ex gf, the one you'd wanna strangle on a daily basis...but was dynamite in bed.

                    She always calls up during a dry spell, and ya have to hit it one more time.

                    Originally Posted by Mr. Brady

                    This is the reason modelers don't sound good. They don't have a standby switch modelled so the virtual tubes never get a chance to warm up.


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                      Yeah - saw the second episode and it seems to be going in a cool direction.

                      HBO is awsome.


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                        Would I be burned at the stake if I said that I thought Tim Van Patten's episode was better directed than Martin Scorsese's?


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                          Seems like it's going to be very good once it gets going.

                          I have a hard time getting over the fact that everyone is wearing those ugly pin collars though.
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                            Would I be burned at the stake if I said that I thought Tim Van Patten's episode was better directed than Martin Scorsese's?

                            No, but I don't really care for Scorsese all that much.

                            (Now I'll get burned at the stake. )
                            Originally Posted by TheEternal

                            Can't you just let Jesus melt your face?

                            Originally Posted by Neilrocks25

                            life's too short not to eat bee's

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