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  1. If you are ok with being dishonest with people, selling them a car you KNOW they can't afford and working from 7am to 9pm at least 6 days a week then go for it.
  2. txt her this: "if it does not concern our offspring, feck off!"
  3. I sitll love metal but I grew tired of the new stuff coming out. Everyone was just trying to be more extreme than everybody else. It got old quickly.
  4. Just wait. Small company with many orders. Would you rather them cut corners on their {censored}? I'll be looking for your "NCD Best Cab Evar" thread in about a month.
  5. lol i dont even know why i clicked on this thread Yes you do. Everyone knows halford is gay.
  6. i'd be skeptiple about finding aa or aaa maple underneath the paint. why would a guitar manu use that grade of maple, then paint over it? just sayin... bah, beat me to it.
  7. If it was a pretty piece of wood underneath, the factory would have made it natural or translucent. Just play the fuck out of it and let the natural mojo run its course.
  8. Those guys make $7 an hour. You didn't expect them to care, did you?
  9. American Musical Supply FTMFW! Never had ANY problems with them whatsoever and their CS is top notch! This is not the first time I've heard bad things about Zzounds.
  10. Either the Boss SD-1 or a Tube Screamer should work great. I'm curious as to how well the Axe FX will even take a boost pedal.
  11. On Marshalls, more mids = more crunch. Try turning the mids up and the bass down.
  12. What is the record for the longest thread ever? This one has GOT to be either it or really {censored}ing close.
  13. If you read the amp forum backwards, there are subliminal messages. Don't try it if there are kids or puppies in the room. (Or old people who are susceptible to {censored} themselves and die)
  14. Yeah, music isn't really music unless it can make old people {censored} themselves and die. Finally, somebody gets it!
  15. That was about the worst song I've ever heard. I'd rather run a cheese grater across my testes before having to hear that again. Good. Then you definitely hang out in the correct forum.
  16. Greetings from the Amp Forum {censored}ers! [YOUTUBE]F8-J4hL7iDM[/YOUTUBE]
  17. I hear Metallica influences in their stuff, but a direct ripoff like so many calim? No, not at all.
  18. Everyone I know who's seen them live say they were really crap, sloppy playing. Studio magic I guess Bullshit! I saw them open for LoG and they were tight as fuck and the playing (even the solos) were spot on. They put on a great show. Everyone has bad shows now and then. I like Trivium and could really give a shit less what anybody else thinks. But that's just how I roll.
  19. +10000 Despite all this tramp has put you through I'm surprised you haven't gotten a lawyer a long time ago. I really hope things work out....this is not a good situation for anyone but her. Dude, I've HAD a lawyer. I filed for the big D when I still lived in Forth Worth. All we were waiting on was for her to sign the papers saying it is gonna be an "uncontested" divorce, which she has informed me she has done now (8 months later:rolleyes:). So now we can get this marriage over with and get on with our lives.
  20. Well thats some good news!!! I was thinking that would probably be the deal. At the same time, what kind of woman with two small younguns wants to join the damn navy? I mean, I appreciate wanting to serve your country but... I'm convinced she doesn't have the ability to think things through thoroughly before making decisions. It was a selfish thing to consider in the first place.
  21. awesome dude Congrats glad to hear the kids are staying close to you. For now. She claims that she wants to find another job and that her MBA isn't much good in SA (which is a load of crap). She wants to move eventually, but the decree WILL contain a "restrictive domicile" clause for sure.
  22. Big +1 Yes, when I get home from work this afternoon, I will go through and delete all my posts of that nature.
  23. Talked to the soon to be ex this morn. It seems her "lawyer" has told her if she joins the military she has virtually NO chance of getting the kids. So....she has decided to stick with the original plan of joint custody and an "uncontested" divorce. Imagine that. :poke:
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