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  • Jet City Earhart....

    I just saw a gutshot of it on TGP. (via google linking me to it - I didn't go to TGP)


    A forumite picked up that it looked very much like a Cornford inside. It is also made in Britain. Handwired too. Maybe..... It's an MK50 of some description

    It looked tidy too.

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    I have three Ltd's and can stroke the guitar necks like the male co-star in a porno about to blow his load. I don't find them to be sharp.

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    "I'll buy your guitar...but I'm gonna need to take about 5 bucks off for the Lysol I'll need to disinfect it."

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      Looks good - will be interesting to see how it sounds.
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        Skip to 2:12. Not the best sample but sounds good IMO.

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          Was that the thread where some "informed" person said that Soldanos were based on Hiwatts?


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            very tidy
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              Skip to 2:12. Not the best sample but sounds good IMO.

              I can tell from dropped down ****************ty metal, I want to hear the amp.
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                **************** for that price you might as well buy a used SLO.
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                I like a little thickness. After all, the angle of the dangle is proportionate to the cube of the boob times the mass of the ass. This, of course, doesn't take into account the sag of the bag.


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                  very tidy

                  Cornford MK50H guts for reference:

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                    suck my ass

                    looks kewl brah
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                      Cornford MK50H guts for reference:


                      Well that practically confirms it.
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                        I can tell from dropped down ****************ty metal, I want to hear the amp.

                        Email doug. He knows where to send it

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                          I was hoping the amp would punch dude in the face for playing cheesy **************** **************** and dialing in spewmo tone on it!
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                          Its "Boo-tique" fellas cause that price scares the tone out of my fingers...


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                            I'll never understand the lust for guts shots.
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                            Ya'll n****s is gay

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                            For real. Anomaly shreds not only his balls off, but the balls off two out of every five children born after 1992.


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                              I didnt play one, but from the Beavises playing, they sounded good.
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