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  1. This should help aleviate loop pains on the 50h/100h http://www.premierguitar.com/Magazine/Issue/Daily/News/Morley_Releases_Effects_Loop_Corrector.aspx
  2. Borderline11 wrote: I made an amp holder to use during mods. This way, I don't have to worry about the tubes or it being unbalanced while I'm working on it. Built out of 2x8, with pieces of 3/4 plywood nailed to the sides. The gray carpet is a 4x4 sample piece from Home Deopt. I cut it with scissors and glued it to the plywood. The 2x8 is longer than the JCA22 because I may own full size heads at some point. If I'm working on a larger amp, I can just unscrew and reposition the right side. Total cost 6$ (I already had the ply scraps and wood glue). The metal tray is a magnetic tray. It's great for keeping screws from getting lost! Thats a pretty sweet set up!
  3. I'm going to take my time deciding what forum I want to go to. I'll keep supporting this thread regardless. Also if you sent me a pm question before the new harmony central, it got deleated, sorry, feel free to pm me again.
  4. Originally Posted by Borderline11 Late night studying or are you finally getting to enjoy some extercurricular activities? ;-) Hopefully, the latter! BTW, how do the 1st 3 pre-amp tubes affect the JCA22h? Are they just gain stages that sequentially add gain or do they get used for the different channels? Correct me if I'm wrong, I believe V4 is the effects loop and V5 is the phase inverter. I figure V1 and V2 are gain stages, but I'm not sure about V3. I ask, because when I am swapping tubes, I want to know what to listen for after swapping v3. My long term answer should probably be to learn how to read schematics. Ha! The answers are in the schematics.. aren't they? If so, what's a good (short) refernce book that would be helpful for new modders? Thanks again! Been out drinking with some friends since two days ago probably not going to be sober enough to give advice till the 2nd.
  5. Originally Posted by Borderline11 Hey, Edge11 .... two rockin' thumbs up for all your contributions and enthusiasm! I'm a new jca22h owner and placing orders for tubes, bias tools, and parts for the depth mod. In the depth mod picture on post#109, it has a aditional 1uF cap. What is the purpose for that and do you recomend it for the jca22h? If you recomend it, I'm assuming that it should be 400v to match the orange drop cap? Thanks again and Merry Christmas! If i recall correctly It's so turning the pot won't make a "scratching" sound, get back to you on that when i get up in the afternoon, it's 5 am.
  6. Originally Posted by Boffo Sorry about that. I'm trying to work out why this forum's software keeps reformatting any images I upload. So please bear with me, will I attach another image; and delete the previous two. The original Jet City drawing is the same as I received it. I believe that it has been deliberately down graded so as it is only useful for people whom actually have the amplifier. EDIT: I give up on trying to post a good quality image. There must be some kind of size and file type limit for new members ? Clicking on the file attachment URL seems to produce a little better quality image. LTspice produces good quality 4bit(16 colour) images; which are also very small in size. I have labelled the component values which are missing from the original schematic. I will see if I can find a third party server to upload the files to. Cheers --Boffo upload the images on to imgur.
  7. Originally Posted by Boffo Hi, all, I don't wish to hijack this thread with an off-topic post, but... Is anyone here modifying, or is thinking of modifying, a JCA5212RC ? There doesn't seem to be much interest on the internet about these beasts, which I can't understand why? The JCA5212RC, I would of thought, is a great platform to start from; it even has a spare 12AX7 triode sitting idle, just waiting to be unleashed. If anyone is interested, I would like to hear your thoughts ? Cheers --Boffo Hook it up with a schem. To my knowledge it has a clean and the s.l.os crunch channel right?
  8. Originally Posted by NCarmona Hi! I recieved my Jet City JCA2212 a couple of weeks ago. Yesterday I recieved a matched pair of EL844's. I already e-mailed Jet City asking if it was possible to swap EL84 with EL844, EL84M, and all EL84 variants. They told me there would be no problem and that I wouldn't need to adjust bias since it is a fixed bias amp. When I instaled the EL844 the amp sounded distorted and even sputty at all volume levels. Even at its maximum, the amp volume was very low (not higher than what I usually get with the master volume at 1,5 - 2). Sometimes the volume would fluctuate. After a couple of minutes of playing I decided to turn off the amp and install the EL84 back again: sounded perfect again. My question is: is this a problem with the valves? or do I need a tech to adjust the bias when installing the EL844's? I seem to recall the 844s can't really handle higher voltage. Don't really know stick to 84s man.
  9. Originally Posted by rugbyguitargod not the same thread and/or repost. shouldn't have abandoned the old one or else you'd have been right. Let me bang bro
  10. Originally Posted by rugbyguitargod well, it was meant as a joke. However, since math eludes you, your thread has 16 pages with the settings at 20 posts per page. the Blackstar thread (mine) has 22 pages with the same settings. {censored}ing Maths... how does it work? http://acapella.harmony-central.com/...nd-owners-club. Idk you tell me, lol.
  11. Originally Posted by rugbyguitargod the Blackstar Brigade/Owner's group can kick your group's ass No it can't, Try again when you have a thread with 56 pages.
  12. I've been procrastinating/ too busy to make clips but thats on my short list of things to do when I get on break.
  13. Originally Posted by Edu I have the 22H (same for 2212) service manual and there you can find the values of all components. If you don't have the service manual i can email you a copy. I would LOOOVE to see all these mods applied for the 2212. send away
  14. I finally go to posting the 100h and 22h schematics. the 2 didn't come with any part values but t shouldnt be to hard to figure them out with the 50h and 100h schematic. Originally Posted by NCarmona I just recieved my JCA2212 combo yesterday and I must say it sounds really awsome right out of the box. Reading about all your mods I thought the amp wouldn't sound very good. But it does. It kiks ass. I wonder how it'll sound as soon as I upgrade it with a bunch of 12AX7 I already bought. I mean, the amp is improvable but already kicks major ass to some amps in the same price range I already tried. At least for my taste. Yup we don't mod it because it sucks me mod it because it's a great plataform that sounds amazing right out of the box.
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