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  1. I say the main difference is a the pots are 1m instead of 500k making the jca sounding a bit darker and a 100k plate resistor for one of the loops stages. I'm going to work on the warren haynes mod, the depth mod, the scoop mod and the clean/ crunch mod an a couple of others. I'm also going to fix the layout of the thread soon. and some cosmetic mods too, I want to retolex in white snakeskin and I want to do a metal grill. The thread is a work in progress so check back often and don't be afraid to discuss and join in! What mods do you want to see? High Voltage Warning WARNING! - Please Read this Information Carefully: The projects described in these pages utilize POTENTIALLY FATAL HIGH VOLTAGES. If you are in any way unfamiliar with high voltage circuits or are uncomfortable working around high voltages, PLEASE DO NOT RISK YOUR LIFE BY BUILDING THEM. Seek help from a competent technician before building any unfamiliar electronics circuit. While efforts are made to ensure accuracy of these circuits, no guarantee is provided, of any kind! USE AT YOUR OWN RISK: THE WEBMASTER, PROJECT COORDINATOR, PROJECT CONTRIBUTORS AND WEB SPACE PROVIDER EXPRESSLY DISCLAIM ALL LIABILITY FOR INJURY OR PROPERTY DAMAGE RESULTING FROM THIS INFORMATION! ALL INFORMATION IS PROVIDED
  2. So today me and my bro Pete went to GC to check out a fender bassman that looked sweet. We arrive at thegc and asked the stoner **** sales guy if he can set the amp up for us. The guy says yeah sure give me a bit. One our later and the guy is avoiding us. I say {censored} it and ask another guy, this middle aged fat bald guy, says sure you can and I say, ok just point me to a 4ohm cab and well dude it . Dude ignore us, what ever. We finally find a Damn cab and we plug the head in.....these hardly any volume. Explains why those @$$holes were avoiding us. {censored}ing guitar center.
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