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  • Spam Thread 1/7/2013

    I had a signature once...

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    PRS SE 25th Anniversary Custom 24.

    Upgraded with a Graphtech TusqXL nut, Seymour Duncan SH-12 Screamin' Demon in the bridge, cream pickup rings, straplocks, TKL hardcase (fits like a glove). Fantastic guitar, but I'd rather have a non-floating trem unless it was double locking. I'd give it a 9.9/10 condition, just some light surface scratches I can buff out with some Meguiar's . $500 shipped OBO. I'm on the fence about letting this one go as it has served me quite well, but if I get the right offer I'll run with it.

    OLP John Petrucci sig

    Pre-cursor to the current Sterling Petrucci line. Import version of the EBMM Petrucci licensed by Ernie Ball. Built like a basic JP6. Basswood body, 24 fret rosewood neck, 3 way toggle. Floating trem which holds pretty well but I don't use it much. Some people got microphinic humbuckers with theirs, but this one has good pups.


    Earvana compensated nut, Gotoh locking mini tuners.

    Comes with factory soft shell case. Looking for $300 shipped.

    *also* have a Ernie Ball Petrucci body I'll throw in for an additional $50. Got the body on a trade and ended up not doing anything with it.

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      EMG HA $40

      Jet City Jet Direct speaker emulator SOLD

      ART X-12 MIDI foot controller SOLD

      TC G-Sharp w G-Switch - $100

      Seymour Duncan SH-4 JB - $45


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        BOSS PS-3. MODE 7 IS UP IN IT. $125 shipped.

        it's 100% functional but there's little scuffs here and there- totally cosmetic, works perfectly.

        id like to sell, only trade if the offer is very tempting.

        IM me please.


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          -Pair of ceramic Weber Axis 12 Speakers, 100watt each, 8 ohm each. $140/pair shipped.

          -Weber Mass Lite 100 watt attenuator. $120 shipped

          -Keeley SD-1. $100 shipped

          -Voodoo Lab Analog Chorus. $100 shipped

          -Electro Harmonix Deluxe Electric Mistress. $65 shipped
          Ibanez JS-1000 / Ibanez RG3-120535Q > Keeley Compressor > Xotic Custom Shop BB Preamp > Hartman FlangerLaney VH100R / Laney GH50L (MXR 10-band EQ > Line 6 DL-4)Geezer Sound Co. 2x12 (80w ceramic WGS BL-80)
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            Barber Super Sport. Great condition! Comes with box and instruction sheet. Has internal pots to further tweak your tone. This is a great sounding pedal but I just prefer the Xotic RC boost I have. $90 shipped in the con US w/ PP gift. Also willing to trade for other nice OD pedals (Xotic BB or AC boosts preferred but try me).

            Also have a Digitech Digidelay in good condition. Looking for $55 shipped in the con US and PP gift for it.
            VTM VANDALS

            Originally Posted by cobrahead1030

            Gibsons are like that crazy ex gf, the one you'd wanna strangle on a daily basis...but was dynamite in bed.

            She always calls up during a dry spell, and ya have to hit it one more time.

            Originally Posted by Mr. Brady

            This is the reason modelers don't sound good. They don't have a standby switch modelled so the virtual tubes never get a chance to warm up.


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              $350 shipped/paypalled/insured in CONUS.

              1990's Ampeg Reverocket head. 50 watts, footswitchable clean and dirty channels.

              2- EL34


              Made in USA.


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                EHX Deluxe Memory Man with wall wart. $300 shipped? Can't find a solid price on these?

                EHX The Worm with wall wart $65 shipped

                Boss GE-7, slightly bent slider, doesn't effect operation. $60 shipped

                2009 Fender Fat strat. Mexican made. Awesome guitar. $300+actual shipping.

                Originally Posted by Y0UNGBL00D

                verf code: pepi/charveldan news team

                Download my Demo for Free
                Spam: EHX Deluxe Memory Man. Big Box version $325? make offer
                EHX The Worm $65
                Boss GE-7 $60
                Boss TU-2 $65


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                  I'm moving to New Orleans at the end of the month so I'm trying to get as much money in my pocket as possible. If you need graphic design done for your band or project, now is the time to hit me up. I am offering very VERY low prices right now. and there are links to my portfolio/profiles in my sig.



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                    The amp is in excellent condition with a few tolex blems and a dinged metal corner protector. Footswitch is included as well. Newer GT EL84's. These pre peavy series 1 2x12 combos are very hard to come by.

                    $1000 local pickup or $1100 shipped CONUS


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                      Los Angeles area only:

                      Peavey Triple XXX head - $299



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                        FS/FT Baron K2 SE

                        Selling this just because i don't really need it anymore and barely ever play it. Sounds awesome.


                        -4xKT88 Power Amp tubes

                        -4x12AX7 Preamp tubes

                        -Mid-shift knob

                        -Bright switch

                        -FX loop (foot-switchable)

                        -Boost switch (foot-switchable)

                        -External Bias Pot

                        -"Voice" knob in the power section that can really change the feel from tight to loose and spongy..and anywhere in between.

                        Looking for $850 Shipped CONUS ONLY

                        Tradewise make an offer. looking for les pauls, sg, prs se semi-hollow. Hollowbody/semi-hollows, maybe an acoustic if i like it. pedals. gear cash combos. make an offer.

                        Will get more photos upon request.
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                          Hi amp forum. Do you need some reverb?

                          Malekko Spring. No velcro, complete with box, bubble wrap and unused rubber feet

                          $115 shipped

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                            For sale is a Vigier Original in urban blue, Floyd and maple neck. I bought it NOS (new old stock) from a Vigier dealer one month ago. Excellent shape, except for one flaw, it received a small superficial laquer chip, the size of a pen head, on the back side near the tummy cut. The price has been reduced accordingly.

                            Comes with OHSC, unfilled warranty, wrenches, etc. Has little play time and is a great guitar for someone who doesn't need a perfect one.

                            I have 100% positive ebay feedback and lots of references for high end guitars and amps sold via the internet. I am willing and have lots of experience shipping overseas.

                            Price: $1675 + 25 (split PayPal fee) if used. Free shipping in the US. International buyers will need to add calculated shipping costs to the price.

                            Please PM for pictures.
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                              FS: Line 6 POD HD Desktop (mint condition)

                              This is a very lightly used Line 6 POD HD Desktop amp simulator/multi-effects unit/audio interface.

                              I bought this unit new from ZZSounds last month. It has been used with care in my apartment (non-smoking) and it is in mint condition. The protective plastic slip is even still over the display of the unit. It also includes the original box, manual, power supply, and USB cable. The unit has been upgraded to the latest firmware, as well.

                              Asking $315 shipped.