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Well, we have the cool video, now how to market it?


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  • Well, we have the cool video, now how to market it?

    We've hit Facebook pretty hard, and have a review, and great feedback. How do we really make the most out of this?
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    Pretty much you are done...barring some sudden twist of fate...because unless you have $ to burn on SEOs, your vid will be viewed by the interested...and that'll be it.
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      Yeah, it's a cool video, nice production, but....

      All you can do now is put it on YouTube and your website. There's nothing else to do, unless you have several hundred thousand dollars to pay off MTV and Fuse. Do you have several hundred thousand dollars? If not, then that's it. If people like your video and your music, then an audience will build of its own accord.

      Good luck!


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        The question is "to what end"... this is the bigger problem:

        http://www.silentlapse.com/shows.html ("No shows currently scheduled.")

        A video is promotional material,not as an end in itself... you use it to generate interest in what you are doing.

        But FWIW, you don't have to just release stuff into the world and hope the right people see it. I mean, just spamming it onto a bunch of reddit channels and cross posting it everywhere that you can find would probably generate at least a little interest. There are plenty of folks who you could push the video onto, ranging from local media folks to prog-metal bloggers to internet forums (assuming that isn't what you're already doing in this case).

        This is what marketers do, and it isn't magic. It's just terribly time consuming and it is a lot of work, which begs the question: "to what end" ...
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          play live build a following. Tour.


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            Nice video mate, as you say you got the great response from youtube just keep optimizing and if you got some money to spend go professional


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              You could potentially try facebook/google advertising. Facebook advertising is probably better. The cost of this varies but it's really not as expensive as one might think.
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              ... If all else fails make the guitarist do it.....

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              They wont go away, they'll just start making dubstep.

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                play live build a following. Tour.

                = The road to bankruptcy.
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                  You're probably going to think I'm a wet blanket, but I'll say up front what I have to say isn't meant to be critical but rather meant to be constructive.

                  Anyway, what I see is this: a really nice high quality video but the subject matter of it and the song it's promoting are nothing I haven't seen and heard in one form or another many times before. It's a bit like putting a really nice paint job on a Ford Focus. It's not that the song is bad- it isn't. it's good, just as the Ford Focus is a good car- it's just common, that's all. The recording is good, post production is good. But whan I heard this song, the first thing that came to my mind was "I've heard this, or lots of them like it, a hundred times". And the concept of "tortured soul in a hospital/mental ward" goes clear back to Pink Floyd and The Wall. And Quiet Riot. And a few others. That part wouldn't be so bad, it could actually be seen as an homage of sorts, if the song were more of a standout song.

                  As Scarecrow Bob said, the point of a video is not to promote itself, it is to promote the song and ultimately the band. If the song isn't unforgettable or unique, it's going to be a long haul and I'm not sure even getting it on MTV or the equivalent would help. Anyway, just my 2 cents. I'm not your target audience anyway, so take what I say with a grain, but I have been listening to all kinds of rock since the 70s and I like to think I know a unique song when I hear it. But maybe I don't. Anyway, just one guy's opinion and nothing more. I remember when record company execs told Christopher Cross that his voice was too high and he'd never sell any records, so there ya go.
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                    You can put the video in playlist with similar artists, use the video as a comment reply to similar videos and- much like you did here find an excuse to discuss the video on message boards. There is Facebook advertising true, and also a small spend on Youtube pre roll might be worth investigating depending on your budget.



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                      Unless you are tremendously lucky, the odds of gaining the public's attention via one video is slim to none, unless it's such a cool novel video visually that people can't help but pay attention. Like OK Go dancing on treadmills, or those six guys playing one guitar....something odd or left-field like that. And even then, the chances of it going viral are like one in a million.

                      The more common way I've seen it done is to just keep consistently posting new videos. Think in terms of promoting your "channel" rather than a single video. The musicians that have had success with that route have a very active presence on YouTube, taking it just as seriously as writing, recording and gigging. Some of the musicians channels I've subscribed to tend to post one or two videos a month. Usually they consist not just of MTV style music videos, but also live covers, originals, gig announcements, contests, comedic skits, behind the scenes, you name it, and of course, interacting and networking with other members and viewers.