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    I just downloaded and sifted through a few pages. This is definitely what I need as a starting point for some research. THANKS SL!

    I'm new here and have a loose plan to report back about the lighting operation I hope to rig up for my band. Stay tuned motherufkers!


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      WOW - the Guide recently passed 750 downloads! I should charge for this or something...as usual, thanks to the two (2) people who have donated thus far.
      Professional Moving Light Technician and Lighting Director
      Author of the Basic Band Lighting Guide


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        One of those recent downloads was me. Here is an example of your genius!! A couple of pics from over the weekend.
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          Thx for the info!
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            As the Guide rapidly approaches 1400 downloads (currently 1394!!), I'm gearing up to write Version II this summer, since many manufacturers have had complete product line turnovers, and there is just so much new stuff out there. I'll also have day job hours (holy crap) and will have time (amazing stuff, doncha know) in the evenings to work on this.
            Professional Moving Light Technician and Lighting Director
            Author of the Basic Band Lighting Guide


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              Thanks so much for putting this together.


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                I downloaded your guide and it answered a LOT of my questions and solved a number of 'problems'.

                A great big THANKS for sharing your expertise!

                Now what I need is a guide about 'fundamentals of light placement'? Light placement 101 if you will.

                I know every venue/genre is different but there are certainly some basic 'rules of thumb'?


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                  Excellent, just the info I need to move my light presentation forward.


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                    what U said are useful and important~

                    thank you for your sharing`
                    Everyday is a new day!
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                      A big thanks from me. Exactly what I was looking for.



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                        Wow just read about 3/4's of this document and I have allready trebled my knowledge. Also happy to say some of my purhaces turned out to be ok after all for my needs. I look forward to the primer on DMX next. Thank yo


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                          Someday when I'm not working 7 days a week most of the time because one job doesn't pay enough I'll be able to finish writing the next version. It was started but never finished. Thanks for the thanks! It's good to know that people are still getting stuff out of the guide. Just remember that the product recommendations are waaaay out of date.
                          Professional Moving Light Technician and Lighting Director
                          Author of the Basic Band Lighting Guide


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                            Thanks a lot for this guide; it shure would give me more ideas regarding my job, once again thanks, and keep the good work




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                              Soundlight, thank you!  This download will become a definite toilet library piece.

                              I scanned the first couple of pages, and - being a Geezer - I was instantly in over my head. For decades, I did lighting for film and video production, but this millennial generation DMX LED stuff is way beyond me.

                              My question to you or anyone would be:  just as if our band were trying to find a new drummer, where could I go to find a band lighting engineer?

                              I have enough to do on stage, and running lights can't be part of it!

                              Thanks again.


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                                Thanks Much!! Good to know