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  1. We all sport our logo in daily life as well as on stage. A good logo is important. Our merch sales are always off the chart, and you can see our logo on vehicles randomly all over the place. Yeah we wear it and live it everywhere.
  2. Dude,quit beating yourself up and go to a software solution. I like a physical surface to setup scenes/ Cues as anybody does, and having a actual knob or fader to grab is gratifying. So or solution is 3 inexpensive midi controllers link into our software. Every parameter of any fixture can be assigned, the stacked with similar fixtures, to a knob fader or button. So much more control, less headache. Many more options for chases and motion. We are still using DMXis. Been a while now. Using a FCB1010 when our band needs live control. When we're do other production stuff we use both a Akai MPD26 and a Akai Midimix. I like them because the have editing capabilities so we can program them to our software easily. Lots of knobs,faders and cue buttons!
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