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  1. Scranton, PA... by the area code I'm guessing?
  2. I have most of these in my tube caddy... either NOS or strong used "pulls". I'll run a few through my tube tester this weekend and shoot your a list w/ prices. It'll be like getting NOS for new prices or less.
  3. Free Bump. What year was this reissue made? Nice bass, thanks for the pics.
  4. Curious, I ran to GC and tried that Mark Bass 210. I liked it... and it's LIGHT. How much would a recone (if that's the issue) be on one of those B&C drivers, I wonder? US Speakers sells similar drivers for $165. Hmmm... I dig the sound of those JBLs in the old Ampegs... but they're so HEAVY. Thanks for the posts, though... and keep 'em coming.
  5. Would you be open to trades? Anything you've been GASing for?!?
  6. Here's a "Where R U Located?" bump...
  7. Where did he say he had a Bad Monkey or Whammy?!? Since when did Keith @ BYOC offer a Timmy clone?!?
  8. THIS IS STILL HERE?!? C'mon, people! I really don't need two of these, but if you don't snag this I'm going to have to...
  9. We use one of these in our cover band. Instant Eagles harmonies it is not, but for adding the one or two harmonies that are out of the range of our backup singers... it's perfect... free bump!
  10. I use this pedal at 18Vdc and it is WICKED! (Totally different pedal vs. 9Vdc operation.) Highly recommended!!!
  11. Still have the Peavey XXX Head?
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