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Behringer X32 and crossover

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  • Behringer X32 and crossover

    I haven't looked at the X32 for some time but I now see a crossover section is included. For those who only run their own setup it may come in handy. This video is not too bad if umm you umm can stand the umm's!



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    Yah, I'm hoping Mackie will add that to the DL1608 - the iX16 will probably have it as it seems to share code with the X32 .

    "We Have Met the Enemy and He is Us" - Walt Kelly​


    • agedhorse
      agedhorse commented
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      I am not a fan of crossovers inside consoles. I like them to be dedicated devices that once configured are not easy to change, accidently, or in the case of sabatoge, on purpose. Also, if a console fails, it's nice to be able to plug any other (backup) console in and not have to worry about speaker processing.

      Every amp rack I use has identical processing and has spare x-over outs and x-over ins so that if one were to fail a 3 wire XLR cross stage patch will resolve this. Simple, easy, and easy to troubleshoot.

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    Some of it is arrogance, some is just bad attitude.

    Perhaps I could have answered in a way that didn't come off as smart ass but I was kind of surprised at his comment considering the situation he found himself in. The tour manager gave him the option of using the house board or paying for a last minute rental himself.


    • RoadRanger
      RoadRanger commented
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      agedhorse wrote:
      Perhaps I could have answered in a way that didn't come off as smart ass [...]

      I don't think any of us could resist that straight line .