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Smaller PA without while improving quality?


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  • Smaller PA without while improving quality?

    OK here's the situation.

    I have a PA and guitar gear than I'm just barely fitting in my Jeep Patriot. There is NO room to breath. You can't see light through the rear view mirror and I've got gear in the front seat! LOL Here's what I'm jamming in the Jeep.

    2- EV S-12 spks 

    4-PV12M monitors

    1- Carvin TRx Sub 22.5" X 27" X 20" ??

    1-6U SKB rack case with 3- amps

    1-6U rack case with Crossover and EQ - could downsize to a 3U

    3-Bags with Spk wires, mic cables, guitar wires- fits nicely on the back seat floor

    2-spk stands

    2- guitar stands

    3- mic stands

    crate with mics

    Fenderish/Allen 12" spk Combo Cab about the size of a 70's Deluxe cab

    Mixer case about 24"X24"x9"

    small metal gear suitcase

    AC wire case

    Guitar Pedal board

    Sometimes a snake.

    1-Acoustic Guitar

    1-Electric Guitar.

    YES, I actually fit all this into my Jeep. But it's not without considerable effort.


    I could downsize the monitors

    I don't see where I'll make any usable space by changing the mains because I'd only save one amp space by going powered and the EV's are only about 18"X 12"X 22" Unless I dump the sub and go with powered 15" cabs???

    The system isn't top shelf but sounds good enough for what I'm using it for. Last night we played an outdoor venue (300-400 people) and the mgr asked me to turn down the volume. I'm using 3 Behringer 3000 amps. One each for mains, monitor, and one bridged for the sub.

     The RCF 312 or 310's are nice but buying 6 to go all powered would be nearly $3K and I wouldn't get much for my existing gear.

    Any suggestions for reducing the size of my setup while retaining or improving the quality without breaking the bank?  A tall order, I know!

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    Have you considered a trailer? Not sure if feasible, but it would give you a lot more room to work with. I think the liberties are rated for 2000 pounds of towing.
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      yes, a 5x8 trailer would be perfect.

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    Have you tried IEM's? That and moving to powered speakers will probably cut your load in half.

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      jonthomas wrote:

      Have you tried IEM's? That and moving to powered speakers will probably cut your load in half.

      Powered mains would only lose a small 6-space rack.

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    Moving gear:

    I use my Ford Expedition to move my sound gear for most gigs.  When I need more room I use a trailor hitch cargo carrier (do a search on these) to transport my mid/high cabs....I strap them down well.  The cabs have covers and I use heavy duty contractor trashbags (available at Home Depot) in addition to the covers for added weather protection.

    If you have a trailor hitch, check out a cargo carrier.

    Mike M



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      Going with self powered speakers gets rid of an amp rack (mains and monitors). In-ears gets rid of monitors. POD through PA gets ride of guitar amp. Variax gets 2 guitars down to 1.

      Now you'll have room in that jeep to pick up chicks!

      Don Boomer


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        I would never go to a gig with a single guitar though.

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      I would be shocked if the delta 12 was a good match for the box. I don't think you could get a reasonable tuning.
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        Just checking your local CL I found a pair of PRX615Ms with covers for $1300. With those you'd likely not need a sub for most of your gigs. That's a pretty good deal.

        The small coaxial offerings are sounding really good these days. This little FBT model impressed me, but you could probably get by with less power and cheaper.

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      As an update I recently purchased a pair of Carvin PM10's to use as monitors.

      They are a bit lacking in the mids but have a decent enough bass. Spread about 6' apart on my living room floor (19' X 29') they sound much better than a single. I will not need any more power than these can handle (200WRMS) because I like a low stage volume. The upside is that they work very well with my acoustic guitar which tends to be a bit boomy and feedback. I had the volume cranked to where I'd use it on stage and had no problems with feedback at all, unless I leaned forward and tipped the soundhole towards the speaker. 

      I played them straight from the board, bypassing the eq, into the Nuke NU3000 and only used the board eq and the preamp.

      I also cranked some Steely Dan "Aja" through them and although they're not going to knock your socks off for monitors, in my situation, they'll do the job. For a small venue with a sub I'm sure you could use these for FOH as well although I don't intend to go that route.

      OK, now the next step.

      I'm giving serious consideration to the RCF ART310MKIII that I can get for $419 each delivered.

      I already have 3-Nuke NU3000 (Mains, Monitors, Sub) so I'm also considering staying passive.

      How would you rate the ART310MKIII against either the EV ZLX-12(passive) or the JBL PRX412M (passive) run through the NU3000 and a DCX2496? I'm also a bit concerned about the heat at out door gigs. So far no problems with the Nukes. I've heard the PRX powered boxes are sometimes intermittent in hot temps. I haven't heard that about the ART310's .

      For powered boxes I haven't seen any bang for the buck better than the 310's and there's not too many options in the same price range for passives.