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Are guitarists in the majority here?


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  • Are guitarists in the majority here?

    Going on the way some posts are written and how people use various software and harware tools, it seems that guitarists are greatly in the majority on this particular forum? Would that be a fair assessment?

    It would certainly explain the divergence of ideas regarding the use of some software, which has had me wondering. Nothing serious about this thread more just idle curiosity.



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    I imagine you're right. I play mostly piano and guitar only sometimes. Two years ago, I was about equally competent on both, but I'm practising hard on piano now because there are enough guitar players already and then some. OTOH some places have space issues and some owners prefer guitarists over keys. Such is life.

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      Guitarists are majority everywhere aren't they? I think there are quite a few here that play more than one instrument, but guitar is the main choice for performing solo for several reasons. Keys come in 2nd, while piccolo scores zero.

      I used carry a synth and guitar both around, but since most gigs are one nighter now days I don't bring the keys anymore.



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        Guitarist here.


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          Like most of HC, this forum is dominated by guitar players. C'est la vie, mon ami.

          Although I studied piano in college, guitar is still my #1 instrument. but I also do play keys, harmonica, ukelele, and bass...and took up violin as my goal for 2014. Oh, and of course, I sing...often overlooked as an instrument, but my musical 'career' started as a singer (choir, glee club, NYC All City Chorale at 15).

          By the same token I'm sure many here are not up on sight reading notation [I am a bit rusty at it myself].

          But we all come here because we are the Lone Rangers [and/or Tontos] of the music world...the solo/duo guys, struggling to make some $ doing what we love...on a smaller, quieter, more controlled scale.