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OT: iPhone 4S 8 megapixel camera - nice!

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    Perhaps it's just me... but why do people throw a significant chunk of cash into a smart phone and not get a proper case for it?
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      I'm not convinced about SIRI. I think it may be more gimmick than tool. iPhone 4 has voice control, and whilst it may be a far cry from SIRI, you could still ask it to play an album,.

      Me: "Play Edward Elgar"
      IPod4: You said Medvark Rigar

      I tried the voice thingy one day. It got 1 out of maybe 15 tries.
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        Racist technology. Doesn't work for us people who have accents!

        I think that as AI advances, that will become less of an issue.

        Coincidentally, I have been taking a lens design class for half a day over the last 6 weeks, and the new camera lens has been discussed in minor detail. Apparently it is possible to buy the lens assemblies for iPhones for something on the order of five or ten dollars US. The guy teaching our class is a free-lance lens designer and he is waiting to get one of the iPhone 4S lenses to examine. They are supposed to be made from plastic. Also there is a piezo-electric auto-focus system in the iPhone4S, but I am not sure about earlier models.
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          Coincidentally, I have been taking a lens design class

          You are truly a renaissance man. How did you even come up with the idea?

          Anyway, http://www.16-9.net/lens_tests/k800i/index.html was a pretty interesting read regarding camera phones - though I think the evolution there's going a bit slower because cameras are considered extras instead of main selling points.
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            If you thought Bluetooth zombies were bad already, watch what this is going to do

            Haha! What a wonderfully descriptive name! I hadn't heard that one yet.
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              Perhaps it's just me... but why do people throw a significant chunk of cash into a smart phone and not get a proper case for it?

              I agree.
              Just ordered the Otterbox Defender case for my 4S, I have one on the iPad as well, they make a good product.

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