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Do you reckon i'm good enough to write Videogame music?


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  • Do you reckon i'm good enough to write Videogame music?

    So i have a decent job as a music teacher. I teach adults with autism/learning difficulties how to play guitar and keys. Whilst it's a rewarding job, my true passion is composing. I'd love a job as a soundtrack composer for Videogames, so i'm gonna put together a showreel of different pieces, some electronic-ky, some orchestral, all epic!

    Then i'm gonna send it out to different video game companies, i reckon i'll send them a DVD and musical-orientated CV (i've done alot of music for different people) and use footage of THEIR games, and put my music over the top. It goes without saying i'll only use pieces which go with the game, we don't want blips and bloops over resident evil do we? lol.

    Of course, this is all speculation and it'll be useless trying unless my stuff is up to scratch. Here's the first piece i've done for the showreel, it's an electronic track which would fit well with a game like Deus Ex, Metroid, etc etc.


    I may also contact indie game developers as it might allow me to build up my CV, would be cool to have my music on an Ipad game maybe.

    Equipment Used:

    Korg Monopoly - Basses, Leads, Brassy Bits
    Yamaha DX11 - Doubled Up on Bass for some nice attack
    OPX Pro - That cool arpeggiated synth part
    AAS String Studio - For that zheng part at the beginning
    Along with A Choir Soundfont, Sampletank and some samples of a Yamaha RX drum machine.
    Oh yeah, mastered with Izotope Ozone.

    Let me know what you think. Cheers. Alex.

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    DO IT.

    Submitting to indie game developers is a good idea, even if it's just Flash stuff on Kongregate. A lot of them could use good music and the right game & game soundtrack gets a lot of publicity and credibility in the industry. Sword & Sworcery is one. idk anything about getting into AAA stuff but there's prob a lot of advice.



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      I think a lead in a synth song is analogous to action in an action video game.

      Bring it up. It's buried. It also sounds mono-ish because it's perfectly centered in the stereo field. Pan it a little. Some passages also have repeated notes here and there: pan one left [the "call"], and the other right [the "answer"]. I think it will sound much better.

      What a beautiful composition man! aside from the awesome lead, I love the dramatic drums, those choirs, and the sudden end!

      Best of luck hunting down some clients! somebody somewhere will love it!
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        Good as Vai?


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            sounds okay, could do with a remix as other have noted, writing for game is also writing for "screen" so you need to write to counterpoint what's happening on screen, this means you'll be writing to timecode and action points and not 'bars'.

            try picking a portion of a game and writing to the video.
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              It certainly is nice to hear someone writing in something other than 4/4.
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                I have a good friend who's been a game designer for many years......want me to ask how to get into the industry?
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                  yes DX11 or you're a SELLOUT!
                  I live in Irvine CA near BLIZZARD. Send me a CD and I'll frisbee it out my car window at their Fortress on my way to work.
                  Seriously that place is so well fortified it's kinda intimidating until you see the geeks walking out of there.
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                    I have a good friend who's been a game designer for many years......want me to ask how to get into the industry?

                    that sounds brill, it's always useful to have advice like that.


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                      Screw DX11, you need to use SID.

                      BTW, nice 6/4 there!
                      If you need a KSP script, e-mail me! Depending on amount of work, the price can be arranged!

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                        Cool. The bass however sounds similar to the bass on a track I composed a few years ago. I will upload it on soundcloud when I get home to let you hear.
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                          Nice track, xanderbeanz!

                          We've done a lot of video game soundtracks, and to be honest, it's pretty rough out there, at least with the larger distributors. The current state of the music industry caused everyone to look elsewhere for work


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                            Yeah i'm gonna be including all sorts of stuff in my demo reel, some spacey stuff (like the track i posted) some rock, some orchestral bits, some ambient stuff, maybe a little big band jazz?

                            Soundalikes would be pretty easy for me, i'm good with my synths and sample libraries and can usually replicate a sound or feel, and i'm also good on my chords and play by ear well, so can take a track and change "just enough" notes to make it have the same feel, but be legally different.

                            Also willing to write new stuff to spec, in fact i was going to offer any company a free bit of work, ie "Send me a little bit of game footage and i'll write something to it" to give them an idea of how it would work.

                            Thanks for the advice Audacity, i'm certainly open to working for free for a while on Ipad/Iphone projects to build up a CV. I liked that your advice was realistic (ie it's a hard world out there!) but also fair, thanks.


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                              Well, my friend didn't come up with any earth-shattering tips, sorry:

                              the only advice I would have is to go via linkedin and send his resume to games industry recruiters

                              there's no really direct way in


                              it's not the good old days of who you know anymore

                              he's just going to have to pound the pavement internet-wise

                              experience is everything too

                              so, it can be a catch 22

                              he should target some companies he likes/would like to work for and send his resume etc.

                              all the usual stuff

                              get familiar with the names of current games music writers etc.
                              Maybe forgiveness is right where you fell...