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  1. Hey Guys, Well, the Audacity Works you've come to know and loathe... uh, I mean love... is gone. If I take this Roland job, from now on, I'll have to be overly polite, never act like a smartass, and stop using {censored}ing bad language. It's timez ta' reprazent, yall! So you guys will probably expect me to know everything there is to know about every product Roland has ever released, not to mention their inner political workings, future software updates (ahem!), and marketing strategies. That's what nondisclosure agreements are for. Truth be told, I don't really need a day job, but working the Electrix booth at NAMM demonstrated how much I missed certain aspects of the MI industry. Plus, I spend too much free time writing crap on this forum anyway. It's a good thing I haven't ever badmouthed Roland here, because I'd hate to see this place come back and bite me in the ass.
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