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OT: USB hard drives: storage or real-time use?


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    There is a Firewire PCIMA Cardbus available for laptops if you need extra firewire outputs - you can also get a dual SATA PCIMA card if you want to run two SATA drives in a RAID format.

    I also suggest the removable drive cases for desktops - Laser make good ones - some of then have very shonky key locks that break.

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      If you have a home network get one of THESE and have everyone drag & drop backup to it.

      Should tide you over for a while, and how cool is it to say "Yeah, I've got a terabyte or two."

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        Should tide you over for a while, and how cool is it to say "Yeah, I've got a terabyte or two.">

        the problem with ethernet drives I would assume is the 54mbps throughput compared to wired lan - 100mbps and usb/firewire 400mbps. The terrabyte or two would be cool though. USB 2 and firewire 400 are basically pci speeds, so what matters then would be your HD speeds.

        What would be cool also is to use a laptop hdd with their corresponding enclosures that are not much bigger than your 1st generation i-pods. Pocket-size drives if you may.
        they'll work just as fast as your ata100 ide drives.

        for mp3/wave playback, its no problem. but for multitrack rec/playback, firewire is the way to go unless its less than 20 - 25 tracks of 24bit audio.

        My suggestion would be to get one 2.5" laptop hdd, 7200rpm if possible, put it in those small USB enclosures and try it out.
        Definitely for divX, Xvid stuff, mp3 or .wav files it will be no problem playback-wise. but if you have definite plans of seriously using it for multitrack, then you have to go oxford FW.

        A special note though, if you plan to use your external drive on both mac and windows platform, you will need a special program to access the files.
        MACdrive for PC to read mac drives,
        can't quite remember the mac app for the inverse.

        A pocket-size 120gb 72000rpm laptop drive would also be very easy to carry around.


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          If you have 6 PC's on your network then you will most definitly want to look into Network Attached Storage (NAS). The Buffalo Terastation that was posted would be my preference as well, but they make smaller capacity models that cost much less if you don't need all of that space. I also have an external 300GB Seagate that I picked up for $150 at Fry's that I couldn't live without now.


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            If you are looking for good quality hard drive enclosures, check out what this website has to offer.

            Firewire Depot


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              I don't know if these are available in your area

              but these use 2.5" laptop harddrives and are among the cheapest around.



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                WOOT is selling 250g drives today (5/17 only) for 50 bucks. Drop it into an external case, and you're good to go. Drop the bucks for a firewire case, and you get big n fast under $100.
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