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Hey, let's trade pickups! Post what you've got and what you want!


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  • Looking for a set of EMG's 81/85 for a les paul style guitar with the 2 volume 2 tone controls. Will trade pups/volume/tone from a 96 LP Studio or any item below for a set.

    Electro Harmonix Stereo Delay Hazari $100.00

    DigiTech Whammy $100.00

    Rack-Mount Sliding Shelf -> $45.00

    Gator 8U rack - > $150.00

    Only pics I have of the Whammy and Delay:

    All trades considered.


    • Have - EMG 81/60 Quick Connect

      Want - Seymour Duncan Blackouts Quick Connect
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      Madison Divinity II
      Orange 412
      LTDEC401 w/EMGs
      LTDMH251 w/Blackouts

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      • Have: JB black regular spaced.

        Want: Cash, other offers.
        Good deals: desceneisvals, pfindeis (x2), jes89, timbow27, uOpt, DirtyBird, durs836, thelorddread, baja85, rohr28, yem (x2), rockapede, 02-fatboy, Shamdog, NixerX, jimmyjameb0, ryanougrad, dschofielld, sgboy, fxloop, julianstoked, dmc69, ameede


        • Want black f spaced Super Distortion and black SSL-1.

          Have $$$

          Good Transactions with: Badone07, Crunchtime, Dbrettw, Geekocaster, Teleman, Tienlo, SLY_Z_28, Smorgdonkey


          • Have:

            (1) GFS Strat Style Single Coil (black cover)

            (1) Peavey Single Coil

            (1) Unlabeled Single Coil

            (1) Jackson Humbucker

            (1) Seymour Duncan '59, Black, New In Box

            I also have several Epiphone humbuckers in chrome and in black.

            I would like to trade any combination or all of them for:

            Gibson Marauder pickups: The ones with the black covers and no exposed polepieces


            Lace Sensor Single Coils - Black


            Mini Humbuckers


            Tele Neck lipsticks


            Higher gain pickups


            Seymour Duncan Phat Cats


            • Have:

              SD JB SH-4 (Black) 11" lead

              SD Dimebucker SH-13 (Black) 12" lead

              Looking for:

              Dimarzio MoJoe or Fred (F-spaced)

              Dimarzio Paf Pro or Paf Joe (reg-spaced)

              Will also entertain cash offers for the Duncans...


              • Quote Originally Posted by phreddy
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                Want black f spaced Super Distortion and black SSL-1.

                Have $$$


                I don't have an SSL1, but I have a bridge SSL2 that I'd sell for $40 cash if we meet or $45 shipped, but I can't take paypal. It'd have to be a postal money order from the post office.

                I'd also be interested in trading for a hot-ish, vintage-ish zebra bridge humbucker if you happened to have something like that laying around.
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                  • Wolfetone Marshallheads up for sale. Reverse zebra, single leads. Approx $200 value.

                    Maxon U-1000 (Japanese PAFS) up for sale. Black, single leads. These things are basically T-Top copies with globs and globs of character, clarity and remind me very much of Sheptone pickups. Approx $250 value.

                    Not really looking pickups at the moment, trying to get some strat parts if you got em.'

                    Looking for Callaham Tremolo System and some vintage style 6-in line strat tuners.

                    Might be interested in a Duncan splitable JB Trembucker and good EQ pedal for a trade as well. Equal value or + cash.
                    ...^excuse the apathy^...

                    SPAM & EGGS

                    Do you has?:

                    FS/T: AX84 SEL kit build. KT88, upgraded premium Sprague filter capacitors.

                    FS/T: Maxon U-1000 pickups, alnico II. Japanese T-tops/PAFs.

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                    Life gets boring with a rig that can kill small children???

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                    The only thing i get is the "why do you need more gear" line. I ask her why she needs more shoes, and the subject is quickly dropped.


                    • have: Chrome covered JB

                      want: Duncan Custom in Black or Zebra. Hit me up
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                      • have : single emg h3/h3 set

                        want: emg h4a,h4,or gibson 500t for single h3 or h4/h4a,h4/h4 sets or 500t+one of the others for the set


                        • have: factory peavey wolfgang pickups

                          Want: something hotter ... pm me if anyone is interested in trading. only looking for bridge/neck sets, not looking to sell individually
                          Peavey, Splawn, ESP, Charvel, Avatar

                          good deal(s) on HC :: satman, MRAAJR, Reignman
                          rig-talk ID :: mylilss.. lotsa deals over there
                          ebay user id :: sweetjennalee (my wifes account i just use it)


                          • Looking for a strat neck pup and possibly a tele bridge and neck.

                            Open to any specs, boutiques preferred.

                            Can do $ or trade. Shoot me a pm with what you have! Thanks
                            Good deals/trades with:
                            newguitarsmell, kojdogg, Overwhelmed987, thelorddread, jdredskinsfan, Paul144, rohr28, silverring233, bloodbros, Pbomber22, teletaylor


                            • Have Levinson Blade Pups , white covered, Humbucker and 2 single coils... look like Lace Sensors.
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                              • Avidly searching for a set 1980's single-blade Peavey Super-Ferrite p'ups.