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  1. Got this amp in today from 1960 LP, Great guy to deal with!.... Looks like a killer amp, need to get my 4x12 cab out of storage for a true test Tim
  2. I could do Fulltone GT500 or a Fulltone Full Drive II MOSFET plus $75 on either or both for an even swap Tim
  3. Have a really nice Ampeg B4 1200watt bi-amp/ stereo head with every option in a really nice rolling case with a Korg DT1000 tuner. The setup looks and sounds superb. Have the heavy duty Hartke 4x10 XL cab to go with it too! Also have both the SWR workingmans 12 and 15 combo's Tim
  4. Marshall Guts..... Keep in Mind this was toured alot and when Hal McCormick played it with the super groups he wasn't indorsed by Marshall... hence duct tape marks ect... affects the sound zero.... has a 10 min non-board invasive fxloop that can be removed very easily.... This amp has no noise and will flap your pant legs.... ( mega killer tone at about 70% the way up - not too loud with a 2X12 cab ) Your hair will stand up on your arms guaranteed tho....... Tim
  5. I have a late 70's Marshall JMP Superlead MKII, master volume model with vertical inputs. Works like new, all stock caps, transformers ect. Tim
  6. Needs cream covers and one of em needs to be Reverse wound reverse polarity for hum cancel with both selected. Whatcha got!!??? Have cash ready! Tim
  7. I just bought a set, can't wait to try 'em out Tim
  8. Damn, I had one of these in the late 90's and sold it for $700. What a fool I was :-(
  9. Damn, I had one of these in the late 90's and sold it for $700. What a fool I was :-(
  10. Cool Amp. What's your trade value? I have several heads and combo's for trade bait... all good stuff.. Mesa, Fender, Marshall ect.. Tim
  11. $1850 + shipping/PP ...... Stock, OEM, paperwork, no wear ( NO WEAR ) Looks, sounds and plays like new... pleck'd... never gigged ( too pretty ) Tim grovertim@gmail.com
  12. i have a late 70's Marshall JMP Superlead MKII, Mesa Nomad 55 4x10 combo, Marshall JVM210C Combo thats SUPER nice, And a Marshall badged avatar 2x12 vintage spec cab. Tim
  13. I'll buy the 5ch cable snake setup, PM or email me grovertim@gmail.com Tim
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