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  1. I have some assorted strat parts to sell/trade. I just swapped these for a set of "cream" for a more vintage look. These appear to me as white, but look a little discolored in the pics, sold as-is. Asking $15 OBO. 2 - white single coil covers (from Texas Special pickups) 2 - white knobs "Tone" 1 - white Tremelo bar end cover 1 - white switch tip cover ------------------------------------ I have a Lo-TRS II bridge with block from my JS-100 including the nut assembly in nickel - $40. I also have a Original Floyd Rose left-handed baseplate with bar and block (only) in nickel - $50. Feel free to make trade and best cash offers! ------------------------------------ I have a couple of pickups I'm interested in selling: 1. Seymour Duncan JB for 7 string (Black, Bridge) - $50 2. Seymour Duncan Invader for 7 string (Bridge, Black) - $50 Buyer pays shipping.
  2. http://s6.photobucket.com/user/bluesman001/library/Variax%20500?sort=3&page=1 Ok, here's the deal. I have a Line 6 Variax 500 sunburst with Line 6 soft case for sale/trade. It failed a firmware update and is basically bricked. And during troubleshooting I managed to tear the ribbon cable off the motherboard that connects the bridge pickups. After searching high and low on the internet I was told by Line 6 that there are no replacement parts available for legacy Variax guitars. The body, neck, tuners, bridge all work perfectly and are in great shape. I can play it (unplugged) just like a normal guitar, and it actually is a great playing guitar. So basically this guitar is being sold as is, for the purpose of upgrading your 300/500/600/700 donor parts, or using the parts for some other midi/synth application donor (Roland GK-3/GR guitar synth). OR you can route the body for regular passive pickups......whatever! I would like to sell it $125 OBO, also interested in trades (feel free to make offers). I live in Texas and will ship at buyers expense.
  3. Interested in getting a set of chrome/nickel OFR String Saddles with set screws. I have the baseplate and other stuff. Otherwise interested in an original Ibanez Edge bridge tremelo unit. Have misc computer parts or a slim PS2 unit with controller to offer in trade.
  4. So I found a replacement input jack for the 500. In the process of installing, I managed to break off the ribbon connector for the bridge pickups. Similar to this photo barrowed from ION forums of the past: http://www.instituteofnoise.com/forum/topic.asp?TOPIC\_ID=25544 What is the name of the piezo connector to plug into this port on the v500 board? Any help with where to buy part to hard wire the v500 saddles to this piezo port are definitely welcome.
  5. Is it possible to simply swap my (supposedly) fried Variax 500 electric motherboard for say a Variax acoustic 3/5/700 motherboard or any other Variax electric guitar/bass model?
  6. I have a Dimarzio Fred black f-spaced bridge pickup, looking to trade for a Dimarzio Mo' Joe black f-spaced bridge pickup. I also have a Seymour Duncan Dimebucker black bridge pickup, looking to trade for a Seymour Duncan JB Bridge pickup (either black or black/white, black/cream) f-spaced.
  7. If anyone has a Variax board/input assembly to sell/trade - please let me know. I'd even take a V300 model. Thanks!
  8. If anyone has a main-board/input jack assembly for sale/trade - please let me know.
  9. My Variax 500 won't take a flash and I'm looking to replace the main board and/or the jack plate assembly. If anyone has parts to spare let me know.
  10. Got a reply on the L6 forums about the connection: "What kind of connection is that? Answer: That connector you have marked is for plugging the piezos assembly into. Do not plug anything else into that connector under any circumstances."
  11. Can anyone tell me what this port is (top of photo)? Is it possible to somehow connect directly into the main-board to flash a firmware? What kind of connection is that?
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