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I changed things.

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  • I changed things.

    So I'll share it with you. 

    I've been wanting to change up my kit a bit. Just to put myself in another place while drumming. 

    I saw a show last weekend. The first two bands were kinda psychedelic 60's pop. Both drummers had really stripped down kits and were both pulling off a lot of cool **************** with minimal setups.

    So I did the same thing.



     photo 2012-11-08212851.jpg



     photo WP_20130325_002_zpsf5a96746.jpg


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    That cowbellul be turning up in all kinds of places now.

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    • Gremson
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      "F" cowbell.
      And "F" Will Ferrel and that god damned Saturday night live sketch.

      I probably would've been rocking a cowbell a long time ago if I didn't have to hear some dip**************** tell me they have a "fever" every time they see it.

    • Rudolf von Hagenwil
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      1001gear wrote:

      That cowbellul be turning up in all kinds of places now.


      Those are goat bells,

      original goat bells look like that:



       can be used a mambo bells




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    I liked the trash cymbal you had.

    If it were me, I would have left the cymbals, nix the cowbell and kept the fire extinguisher! But that's just me.

    In other words I liked your kit before. But I do on occasion like to go minimal just to get back to basics and build from there again. But for me a ride and 2 crashes is minimal.
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    • Gremson
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      I felt it was time to change things up. I recorded a full length album with that setup and was really happy with it. It felt like a landmark in my band's career. Now it's time for the next step and I don't want to be playing the same fills and grooves. I love the funky china crash too, and it'll likely return soon, but I used it a lot on the album, it's time for something new.
      I like to work to get music. Having a ton of gear giving you an individual instrument for each tone just seems lazy to me. I'd rather work to get different tones from a single or very few instruments.