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Fender Jaguar Bass

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  • Fender Jaguar Bass

    Just curious what th elittle switches due on the Jaguar bass..tonal controls maybe?

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    I have a Jaguar guitar, and last rehearsal my guitarist came without his guitar (had good reasons) and he played it. He had one back in the day, like the
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      The upper switch is for the active circuit plus vol and treble controls. The lower switches are for pick up selection.

      Nice bass


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        Toan is in teh switches.
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          They are for Mojo
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            After 10 minutes of googling, and NOONE having a jaguar manual, i found this. Not a picture, but there you go

            An onboard preamp is controlled by bass/treble boost rollers and an on/off switch located on the top control panel. The lower control panel holds on/off switches for each of the pickups, and a switch to toggle between parallel and series wiring of the pickups. Finally, the master control panel holds the master volume, master tone, and jack.
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              On mine, they change the Suck mode. My Sucky playing can now be active or passive, single pup or dual, series suck or parallel, and I can adjust the overall level of Suck as well as the amount of high frequency Suck I want in my sound. I love this bass!
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                  The controls all involve tone control, with the exception of the single volume control. It is an awesome sounding bass!

                  The active circuit roll-off wheels allow you to load tons of low and/or high end or roll-off either.  The 3 switches below the pickguard allow you to select upper or lower pups and in series or parrallel.  There is a master tone below the main volume control. Fast neck and my primary bass for gigging. 


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                    Awesome. No one was looking for this answer in 2 1/2 years. Thank you.