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  1. My best guess is by limiting the extremely low frequencies via a high pass filter, you get a "tighter" sound. These limit the subsonic "rumble" and make a bass sound tighter.
  2. I sincerely apologize for any grief my post has caused you. I should have said your Rolls Royce and your fancy potato farm.
  3. I assume to complement your Rolls Royce and your fancy argyle socks.
  4. Please tell us more, Herbert!
  5. Getting ready for post-Coronavirus gigs......
  6. If your hearing is still intact, that's very unlikely.
  7. "Tuning" is for conformists. I will NOT be dictated to like that! 😬
  8. That's because it lacks enough Fenfer content.
  9. It's like the Ghost of Christmas Past!
  10. I use both. Listen, I paid good money for both pups so I'm going to use them!
  11. lug


  12. Now I just want to see a chimpanzee smoking a cigarette. Thanks, Road Ranger. 😔
  13. https://app.box.com/shared/static/6svnpj7so7.wav
  14. The answer should be obvious. :D
  15. By diming the tone knobs, you are putting the pups in single coil mode. If you back off the tone knobs to about "7" they become humbucking. My preferred method is to dime the neck pup and put the bridge into humbucking mode. YMMV
  16. Try out an SVT IIP, predecessor to the SVP Pro. I have both and the IIP sounds better to my ears, although the out put is noticeably lower than the Pro.
  17. Great news, you old decrepit bastage!
  18. I like Barts…. https://bartolini.net/product/mm5cbc/ and ways to wire it up.... https://bartolini.net/wp-content/uploads/Docs/PickupWiring4Conductor.pdf
  19. Did you drink beer? Though usually found in toes or lower extremities, you can get Gout in your fingers as well.
  20. More alive than your BEAD tuned MP3! :mad: :D
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