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  1. Did you try the Lowriders?
  2. Lol, I see my name is on the membership list, but can’t remember what I had at the time. For some reason my photobucket won’t come up so I can’t post a pic of my old ‘51, but IMGUR does so I have a pic of my old Strat, mahogany-bodied HH Satin-series, And the Squier VM-P5 bass I bought last year.
  3. Playability for me is in the neck feel and wide enough string spacing at the nut to play my cowboy chords with my fat fingers. Looks/shape are kinda right there with playability, and it’s not a problem finding both. Build quality, I don’t worry much about as even budget guitars are pretty well built. Just a good setup is needed. Weight, I don’t remember a guitar that was uncomfortably heavy (I’m used to basses, so) and I’m strictly hollow/semi hollow guitars now it’s not an issue. Resale I don’t worry about because I won’t be spending a whole lot on it anyways. Name brand not important, even though for some reason it is for bass, not sure what that’s about. Materials, don’t care so much, don’t believe in the “tone wood” thing.
  4. This looks a tad bit yellower in real life... and prolly shoulda wiped it off it's filthy
  5. I kinda laugh when people ask if a guitar is “giggable” like playing it on stage takes a harder toll on it over playing it at home. A good setup is usually all it takes for most budget guitars made in recent years. And the big deal people make about tuning machines, I mean nice ones work nicer of course, but how many tuners really won’t hold a tune? I think there are other things that cause this problem, rarely-if-ever the actual tuners.
  6. Most expensive guitar (not bass) I ever had was a Fender Jag selling new for $800 (sold with tons of other nice gear and amps) only kept two semi-hollows, and the one I’m playing as we speak I bought as an office beater (when I had an office lol), an SX that cost me ~$250 new, lol... The red one-- I LOVE this thing.
  7. I just noticed they're out of stock, expected 5-29, but still, if they don't cancel it, it's a deal. Those mics get good reviews for the price range the sell for. I have the 200, and 'cept for the gawdy grill, I like it.
  8. Musician's Friend. http://www.musiciansfriend.com/search?Ntt=Blue+enCORE Just thought it was a good deal to share.
  9. Not that I was necessarily here, but I do remember the days of great deals. I remember when GC had like five different coupons at the same time, but someone screwed up and they were all stackable. I was too… whatever… to take much advantage of it, but I did want a second drum kit and got one for 1/5 the regular MAP price. One guy on TalkBass got four or five Musicman Basses…
  10. ~~Only three instruments that I can remember... When one of my nephews was young and saving up for an electric guitar, I gave him one of mine that was similar to what he was looking for. Years later I find out that he was into acoustic and mentioned that he wanted an electric/acoustic, so I gave him my Alvarez RD20SC I had that was much nicer than what he was using. My niece was doing some nice stuff on electric piano but it was a $200 pos, so I gave her a Casio I had… can’t remember the model, but it was a $600 keyboard with the $110 stand that I got all for $550, display unit at the local GC. My neighbor/buddy came over to hang out one day and said his son was looking for advice on a cheap five-string bass, and I thought how I had a Squire Jazz V I’d give him, but then he said “but he doesn’t want a Fender-style bass”, so I thought “well, screw that kid”, haha.
  11. ~~Legitimate concern or not, I don’t think I could. Of course I’d always have a backup, so...
  12. I agree with saying nothing at this point in time. He’ll keep playing, and he’ll keep thinking he’s good the whole time, but in the process he will improve. If/when he tries to get into a project with other musicians, that’s when he’ll be put in his place, whatever that may be at the time.
  13. Electric or Bass guitar, ~$500 for purchase and setup got me where I'm happy. Acoustic, I dunno, but I think it'd be a lot more, maybe double that.
  14. No-- heard of it, but never tried it. I pretty much only use headstock tuners (Snark) these days ‘cause they’re handy for me.. guitar and bass.
  15. I’d have to say, any ad that doesn’t include all the relevant/necessary information, and you’ve got to (if you want to know) ask. On the other side of the coin as a seller, people who live 100 miles away asking if you’ll meet them half-way for a $45 item.
  16. I’m fortunate in that I have a lot of space in my house, including an addition most of which is dedicated strictly to music gear. I had whatever guitars/basses I wasn’t using mostly in cases (hard or soft) but at one point decided to hang most up on the walls so I can see them, which is what I did. Now though, I’m selling instrument/gear that I’m not using, which eventually should get me down to as few as two electric guitars and three basses, all of which will be hanging on the walls.
  17. sorry if this has been posted before. [video=youtube;cB0wi5-5wNU]
  18. ~~Those exclusions lists are in keeping with the Minimum Advertised Price contract the retailer has with the manufacturer. Over the phone doesn’t count as advertized, so they’re often willing to do the discount. That may even work walking into the store.
  19. i like it... I like it a lot.
  20. ES-335 style would cover anything I’d play on guitar-- in fact I have a couple, and the rest I put up for sale.
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