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Sound Quality

The EQ can get outragious. The highs can be ice picks, but you can rollit off. The bass can be just as extream but again. controll it. I have giged with it and got away with a twin reverb when I used a Carvin X100-B in the studio full tilt.


General Comments

It is a distortion pedal! it will never replace a tube amp turned up. But it will get a good sounding distortion at a reasonable DB level. I've played rock music for about 30 years now and wish I had this nice a pedal in the seventies. I'm not sure the hype for "classic" pedals is justified but I like this one better. I wouldn't pay the going price for a tubescreemer although I consider it the standard, It's just too much. I sold a Big Muff before buying this one and feel good about it.

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