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  1. Didn't they do this once before, everyone got excited, and it turned out to be a red combo practice amp? i see what you did there..
  2. I know what we won't be seeing at the Summer NAMM... http://www.rogerlinndesign.com/products/linndrum2/index.shtml KHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAN!
  3. • Dealers can gauge public perception of a product from forums such as this one the first day of NAMM. Since places like HC do mostly hating and whining, dealers are very wary of placing orders for products that garner "LOL! What a piece of crap!", even if it's a cool-as-hell product. if only the manufacturers paid this much attention... WHERES THE LINNDRUM 2 LEBOWSKI!!!!
  4. Does that new Roland have analog or digital filters? Plus, where do you plug in the MIDI cable? its got friction shifters, so analog..
  5. maybe max for live gets released....
  6. I am quite furious that this Prop is even on the ballot teh ACLU is already fighting it. the demographics of the polls are such that if a recall election of the amendment were to be held in 5 years, it would easily sway the other way. this whole ban thing isnt gona last one way or another .
  7. what a night. still awake. oakland was pretty crazy fun last night.
  8. We'll see how it turns out today though! [YOUTUBE]pJF-RhL4TvE[/YOUTUBE]
  9. .in the bible, the eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth thing was extended to unborn babies. It shows how "God" feels about when life begins. but what does your god have to do with the law?
  10. I will believe this part when someone calculates the amount of energy required for that task. 42?
  11. ....a VERY well known "out" atheist. and jesus was a jew. your point?
  12. I never said any of this had to do with gut feelings. I'm interested in the research that is so well documented to which you are referring. start with newton.
  13. I might be way off on this, but I'm thinking you're an agnostic, not atheist. no, I think evidence shows a pretty clear lack of a supreme being. but its not something i have to believe, because its actually supported by evidence. this has nothing to do with gut feelings.
  14. atheists mistake god for the flying spaghetti monster- but god isn't an illusion- this is just a primitive way to see the nature of advanced intelligence in the universe which is in EVERY WAY equivalent to our concepts of deism/theism/demonology you seem to misunderstand the scientific method. as an atheist, I dont BELIEVE there is a god. nor do I BELIEVE there isn't a god. try to think about this.
  15. The American Civil Liberties Union has two things they fight for (and have a lot of money to do it): freedom of expression (which is good) and erradication of religion from anything public-related, even if it was not paid with public funds (which kind of contradicts the first point they defend). This doesn't only extend to government. Their atheist agenda is pretty obvious and quite aggressive in its delivery. you left out NAMBLA. anyway, what cases are you talking about exactly with the second point? I hadn't heard about this.
  16. "Secular humanism" is mostly a marketing term used by religious anti-science types. These folks think logic and reason and religion are incompatible with each other. Therefore, they try and brand logic and reason as a "religion". us scientific anti-religion types also think faith isn't logical or reasonable. ..dumb rather.
  17. FFS - just shoot them both and have doen with it already! It doesnt matter anyway - they're just puppets on a string. but the strings lead different places.
  18. What I find hilarious are idiots who think that because someone opposes Obama, then they must be McCain campaigners, let alone supporters. no, its pretty clear your a right wing nut job. also, from your comments about the choice of president reflecting on the country's image, its obvious you havent been outside the country recently.
  19. and where are mccains health records? tax records? and his flip flops on acorn? obama missing votes? wtf?! do you know how many sessions mccain has missed? your full of it.
  20. im still confused as to why matt gonzales is running with nader.. living in CA, i dont have to worry about the presidential race so much, more focused on the local propositions.
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