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Sound Quality

For the setup I am using a Moog Theremin through an Antares ATR-1 and a old DOD Octoplus into the SAD-1. From there I got to a Mackie Mixer, a Rocktron RX-II and a Peavey Deca 528 into speakers. I use two general settings. One has a short delay, moderate depth and almost no repeat. I use this for playing tonal music and getting individual notes from the theremin. It warms and fills the sound considerably, as does the DOD. For the other setting I kick up the delay, depth and repeat. This is for the spacy, woo-woo effects. Usually you expect to hear a sort of hollow sound, due to digital delays and thin theremin tones. This combo knocks that off, making space sound warm and inviting.


So far, so good

General Comments

For me, this is simply like a Macintosh computer. Turn it on and it does its stuff. If I lost it I'd probably get another. The price is right.

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