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Marshall JCM 900 4100 Dual Reverb

Sound Quality

I'm using mostly Fender strats, with either mid powered humbuckers, or Dimarzio fasttrack 2's in the bridge. My band, LEFT OF HEAVEN www.milfordma.com/leftofheaven plays heavy-psychedelic music. (Pantera-WhiteZombie/Pink Floyd-Jimi Hendrix) This amp, along with my effects rack is both very versatil and powerful. CH.A can get super clean, like I've never gotten from a Marshall before. It tays clean with the gain up to 4-5 (Gain goes to 10 on CH. A), as loud as you want. I know Marshall's claim to fame is their distortion, but the clean sound on this amp is very full, shimmering, and beautiful.As the gain increases, it gets into "classic" Marshall OD. CH.B is a little thicker at lower gain settings, but seems to thin out between 15-20. (the gain on CH.B goes to 20) I find that with the gain between 9-12 you get the best high gain and tone. Similar to a JCM 800 cranked. This sound gets you into heavier Alice in Chains sounding territory, not Pantera buzz. It is fat, chunky, and toneful. You can still hear the glass. There is relatively little noise at this setting. As the gain increases beyond this point, so does the noise, but not excessively.


I've had this head for about a year and no problems. But I always bring a backup. ALL products break sooner or later- why tempt fate.

General Comments

I've been playing for over 15 years, and am an admitted gear junkie. I do have a preference for Marshall amps, and own a several. From heads/cabs, combos, pre amps, etc... but I also own, and have owned, Laneys, Fenders, Mesa boogies, blah blah blah. Some are/were great, and some of them, well.... weren't. IMHO.

I would definitely hunt down another if this head was stolen. It is not a perfect head. I've never heard/seen one that was. But it is very powerful, toneful, and responsive to the player and guitar used. It works for me, and that's why I use it.

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