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Sound Quality

I loved it from the off.  The sound can be warm or brittle - your choice.  From clean to chorused to driven to full on distortion, this baby's got it all and I've not heard anything I like better - I currently use a Vetta II (more on that in a minute), but I much prefer the sound of the AX2.

I can always find exactly the tone I'm looking for.


This, I'm afraid, is where Line 6 got it all wrong.  My first AX2 was bought new.  For a couple years it was reasonably well behaved, but then I started to notice the odd volume drop (or increase) in the middle of a song.  And then the FX would randomly switch themselves off or on.  And then the tone would dramatically change itself.  And then, and this was the final straw, the amp started switching itself off and on again - usually smack bang in the middle of a solo.

So I took it back to the factory.  For a fee, 'cos it was obviously out of warranty by then, they claimed to have found and fixed the problem.  About a month down the line it started happening again.  So I put it in a corner and bought a second one off Ebay - for considerably less than I paid for the first one!  This one behaved itself for a couple of years....and then....well, you know the rest!

So, still having not learned my lesson about Line 6 amps (actually, it was because I'd become so reliant on having everything built in) I went out and bought a brand new Vetta II.  This has behaved itself for a couple of years...and then....!!  I took it back to the factory and for a fee....etc, etc.  It went on for another year or so before it started playing up again, and that's where I'm at today.

Based on my experience, I could not possibly recommend a Line 6 amp to anyone else, simply because you cannot trust in their reliability.  They will let you down at the most inopportune moment....and it WILL be embarrassing.

General Comments

Great sound, VERY POOR build quality.

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