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Sound Quality

OMG! This thing kicks serious butt!!! From sparkling, spanky cleans, to plexi era or modern Marshall tones, to the most sustaining and pure leads running the gamut from Boogie Mark II to Soldano SLO, the tones are in there. Playing it through a few Marshall 1936 2x12 cabs, one with GT-75s and the other with Vint 30s. No effects, straight in, using a 72 Gibson SG and 78 Gibson 25/50 Les Paul. With most amps it usually takes me months to find the sweet spots, but after reading through manual I had nailed it within three sessions - imagine how it will be after 6 months or more?! Reading the manual was key here, so if you're looking to buy, download it and start figuring out the various tone switches ASAP - they make all the difference!


Built like a tank! Only had it a few weeks, but it's clear that only the best parts were used. Solid construction, without any cheap metal, jacks, or wiring showing.


General Comments

In two words, it's the Holy Grail!!! I've been playing 34 years and have owned many models from Boogie, Marshall, Peavey, Roland, Yamaha, Fender, ADA, and others that aren't coming to mind. This amp hands down smokes them all, and the shared eq for channel 2 or 3 doesn't even matter. It wasn't cheap, but if I add up all the money I've wasted trying to find my tone purchasing affordable amps, it's definitely more than I paid for the Bogner. If it was stolen I would hock whatever it took to get another one. Enough said.

Reviewer's Background

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