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  1. I'm and old school indie guy: Archers of Loaf, Superchunk, Sebadoh. And the other bigger bands of the 80's 90's, U2, the Cure, Jesus and Mary Chain, etc. I don't do a lot w/ the Wha, but I like having one just in case. As I said above, the Volume pedal aspect is pretty good and useable. Overall this pedal is fine for my needs, but I can see myself upgrading to a better Wha at some point - or just upgrading my current Crybaby w/ a new pot. I've been playing for 20 years and I'm just amazed by the ongoing improvements in technology. This is a solid unit for a decent price - considering its "2 in 1" capabilities.
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    All of the above features plus the harshell case for under $600? Yeah, this is a winner! Like I said, I never would have thought about ESP since they seem to be "metal" guitars, but I'm extremely pleased w/ the LTD EC400AT. I think it sounds way better than the Gibson SG Standard I had. I just wish it had two tone knobs. Not that I do a lot w/ tone knobs, but if I had to pick something that would be it. If it was stolen or lost... Hmm. If I was going to get another guitar in this price range, then I'd probably use this as the guitar to comare the others to. I'd probably play a bunch of others just to see if something else caught my eye/ear, but I would definitely have no problem getting one of these again. I wanted a Les Paul copy and this one does the job in spades. I played some Epiphones, some of the PRS SEs, and the aformentioned Les Paul Studio and the only thing that even came close was the LP. This guitar, hands down, blew all the other guitars out of the water. Again, all the features for a fraction of the price of a PRS, Gibson, Fender. I've been playing 20 years and I've owned or played most of the big brands and cheap brands. This guitar is a little gem that more people need to find out about!
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