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DigiTech DBM Bad Monkey Overdrive Guitar Effects Pedal

Sound Quality

The best overdrive i have heard so far. Better than many botique stomp boxes i have tested. Asthe name "tube overdrive" sais it is no black-death-thrash-metal-distortion, no vintage fuzz or anything else. It is a tube overdrive, and a really amazing good one! Maximum gain sounds good and adds a little compression, but that is what i expect from a tube amp or a tube overdrive pedal. At low gain settings it gives a clean amp a slight crunch, like a tube amp that starts to crunch a little. If you turn up gain, it behaves like a tube amp at which you turn up the gain control: more drive and at some point also a little compression (what gives nice sustain without losing dynamics). If you put the bad monkeyinfront ofa tube amp that already delivers crunch, you have a nice extra lead sound with more gain and sustain. Like infriont of clean amp it always sounds like tube, it never sounds like a transistor device. Just great. As i wrote above: the tube overdrive pedal i know. All in all it sounds neutral: it dows not make youramp sound likeadifferent amp, it just adds more gain to your, it is like a foot switch for an extra gainstage of your (tube) amp. 10 points clearly.


I have not long enough experience to judge about reliabity, but it looks and feels rock solid.

General Comments

Clearly a ten! Buy one!

It is quite cheap and it sounds amazing!

It you are looking for a tube overdrive pedal, test the bad monkey, and i am quite sure you won't look for another tube drive pedal anymore!

I paid 40 euros for it (new, NOT second hand), what is about 48 US$. Cheaper than any other pedal i own or owned, and better sounding than any otherpedal (marshall, ibanez, boss, boutique-stuff) i own or owned!


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