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Sound Quality

I use either a Gibson double cut with P100's, Les Paul Signature model (hollow body) with low impedence pickups, or Gold Top reissue with P90's. The clean channel has gain which fattens the sound to a nice warm overdrive, the second channel is more tube distortion lead guitar sound. There is little hum when idling, well within limits. The sound on this amp cuts like a knife, is great for feedback and for pick harmonics. It sounds great for blues and for country, rock, etc. A good sound will sound good for any style. I would like to try this with an archtop and flatwound strings! The reverb uniot is a spring reverb.


The amp is SOLID. It is covered in carpet, the speaker grill is metal, the knobs are aluminium. The preamp tube is a 12AX& which is cheap and easy to replace. I have only had it a short time, but I expect it to be reliable. I would use it on a gig without backup as much as I would any other amp.

General Comments

I would certainly buy another if this was lost or stolen!

It looks garish, but sounds great, is built like a brick {censored}house!

I would love this with 2 12 inch speakers and 100 watts RMS.

I have been playing for 37 years semi professionally and for love, and my main gigging amp has been a Yamaha G100-212 Mark II.

I played valve amps when younger, they were unreliable and costly to repair, tho they sounded great.

I have tried Fender Twins, Marshalls, etc in shops and with friends, but the sound of the Mega is closest my ideal sounding amp.

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