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Sound Quality

i use a 50watt marshall combo with an epiphone les paul custom and a mexican fender telecaster. i use this with a variety of other pedals, crybaby wah, boss rod 10 overdrive, alng with boss tremelo, flanger, super overdrive, acoustic simulator and marshall bluesbreaker. i use so many for one reason. the unit as a whole is pretty terrible. the only good effects are the delay and compressor. i use the delay for the coldplay sound, when plucked clean, and the compressor along with my other overdrive unit to get the retro sound which the hives and the strokes have. this unit is good for me because i only use it for these effects. if you are looking for an overall multi effects unit, id look elsewhere.


was a bout 10 years old when i bought it. still works fine

General Comments

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